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  1. 34 minutes ago, xPauu said:
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    Can I have you?

















  2. you know the drill..


    Date & Time

    Wednesdsay, 27th April 2022

    20:00 ET Time Zone Converter


    Catching Locations 

    Lake Acuity (Piplup)

    Sinnoh Lake Acuity Map.png


    Valor Lakefront (Chimchar)

    Sinnoh Route 0


    Sendoff Spring (Turtwig)

    Sinnoh Sendoff Spring Map.png


    Submission Location (Where the winners will be announced)

    Sinnohs's Pokemon Leauge Ch.1

    Sinnoh Pokémon League Map.png



    1 hour for catching 

    Another 20 minutes for players to submit entries



    [Total Sum of IVs + Nature Bonus (Piplup)] + [Total Sum of IVs + Nature Bonus (Chimchar)]  + [Total Sum of IVs + Nature Bonus (Turtwig)] = Total Score


    Pokemon accepted as valid entries:





    Nature Bonus:

    Timid, Jolly, Naive, and Hasty (Miedosa, Alegre, Ingenua, Activa) Natures are +5



    Teams will be allowed to have up to 3 people each, standard catching rules apply and will be explained below. 

    The total score of all 3 entries will be calculated when determining winners. 

    If you are not registered in a team by the time the event starts, you will have to participate solo, but will get all of the prize money for yourself :thonk:

    If you are looking for a team, feel free to join the discord (https://discord.gg/VVaBdg) and post under #find-team-for-events 


    It is strongly encouraged to use the link chat function with your teammates during the event. Please note that each player is not restricted to only catching one species. 

    For example, if Parke from Team VVVV has a strong Squirtle entry (170iv knock on wood), he can come to the Charmander spot or the Bulbasaur spot to help his teammates. It doesn't matter who catches what as long as the final submission has OTs of the players registered in the team (an entry of 2 Parke OTs and 1 Orange OT is valid. So is an entry of 3 Parke OTs ez carry). 


    I only ask that each team submits all 3 of their entries in the same pm pls ty





    Teams can register up to 3 people


    Post your team here according to the format:

    Team Name:
    Registered Players:




    • To win 1st-3rd place that is sorted by high to low, you need to submit an entry whose total scores the highest
    • You can only submit one entry (one set of Piplup, Chimchar, and Turtwig)
    • All Pokémon must be caught within the event time and at the event location
    • All Pokémon must remain unchanged (untrained/unevolved...)
    • Evolved or unevolved forms of the listed Pokémon will not be accepted as a valid entry
    • You (or one of your teammates) must be the OT of the Pokémon
    • You must link your entry to me (IGN: Cali) to submit it (please keep your entry in your party until you see it on the google sheet which will be shared at the meetup spot)
    • In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by earliest catch time (In this case, I'll be calculating total time elapsed from the start time of the event -> least time wins)


    415b0738a4a61f6ab6a9b6eed1ba3ff5.png 1st Place Prize 



    9efde86b8ecb1270d3da7f78dc656657.png 2nd Place Prize

    600k + 3 xmas presents


    d06d221b538688a420279d9d2181710f.png 3rd Place Prize

    600k + 3 xmas presents

  3. 10 hours ago, Quinn010 said:

    for next year i would suggest to not do this formula shit again. i know people can always sub out but a host can always keep that in mind giving the prizes. this season 3/5 prices went to someone that just hide last game. yes you need to win weeks to reach that point so congrats to them they are the best of the season. but it feels unfair towards players that play all weeks they can.

    7 hours ago, RysPicz said:

    I'm not sure if this wasn't the first time that we had a "calc" based winners of the respective tier mvps.

    Regarding the scoring system, while it does have its pros of being able to define a more objective MVP, the actions taken by the majority of the award winners to secure their title is a bit concerning. We've seen allegations of throwing, dodging opponents depending on how other players in the standings are doing, and dragging out activity with no consequence, which overall probably isn't very healthy in a tournament which should be promoting high level matches to actually be played.


    I wouldn't fault the scoring system in this instance because at the end of the day, what we're seeing here is player driven. The players are the ones who can make the choice to forego additional competition to exploit an award. For context, the last time this ranking system was used, both Zhiko and SweeTforU had similar records at the end of week 6. The next week, Sweet plays early and splits his matches (there were two per week). So in Zhiko's eyes, the extensive subbing in and out we've seen in this PSL is probably similar to if during week 7, after beating Jason once (who at the time was 6-2) he were to sub out or grab activity since there's a possibility he might lose the MVP if he stays in and loses the second game. Obviously this thought never crosses his mind and he plays and wins both duels back to back to secure his MVP. So on that front, I can understand his frustration since he probably expected his competitors to play their games and not care about numbers on an excel document, similar to his path to that PSL's MVP. 


    Future actions are tricky. If a player is really that averse to extra competition for an award, it brings into question the integrity of both the player and the award, sure. But there's not a whole lot a host can do about it. Obviously, credit the player for winning enough to put them in this situation, but the schedule strength for each player is an uncontrollable variable. This could lead to some matches that may be extremely important in week 7 and others where a team is already effectively eliminated, leading to potential throwing and/or dodging.


    For an extreme example, if player A finishes 6-1, while player B sits at 6-0 and has to play the same person player A lost to, would you automatically give the MVP to player B, who realizes with this system he/she can hide and potentially secure an award?


    A potential solution would be to use the scoring system to count as 1 baseline vote, and then each small council member (let's say there are 3 members in this instance) and the host would also vote, totaling to 5. If the vote results in a clear dispute, a salty suite esque exhibition with the candidates in question before the playoffs could settle it. By adding a level of subjectivity, players may potentially not be as liberal with their movements in and out of the lineup or be as keen to coordinate a throw. 


    Tldr: This scoring system has been used before, but everyone played their games in the past (to my knowledge). The alleged actions seen in this edition could set an unwanted precedent for future PSLs

  4. Bored, so 250k to everyone who beats this score


    1. k9







    2. enchanteur








    3. mkns







    4. axellgor








    5. mlhawk







    6. sebat








    7. heichicoda








    8. luke








  5. Late but idc:

    How to Run a Domain Name Auction to Sell Your Website | Elegant Themes Blog

    So here are your managers:


    1. k9

    2. enchanteur

    3. mkns

    4. axellgor

    5. mlhawk

    6. sebat

    7. heichicoda

    8. luke

    And here are your players:

    Your job? To predict (5 players per manager) which players get sold to which manager! You'll be scored from 0-40 based on how many you get correct, and the highest score (post auction) gets 1M. In the event of a tie, the first poster wins the money. Managers can participate (up to you if you want to reveal picks), and each team must have at least one player signed up each of the 5 tiers (OU/UU/NU/LC/DUBS). Other than that, glhf and maybe you can influence what goes down in the real auction ?


    oh and if I get at least 10 entries I'll double the prize  


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