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  1. Sorry for the late answer: Chansey, Weezing, Rotom-Wash, Garchomp and Skarmory. But instead of Serperior I recommend to use Breloom, all of them just common move sets
  2. IGN: ZeknShooter Time Zone (UTC Format): UTC-4 Discord: fairy#5215 Preferred Tiers: OU Fluff: add me in discord
  3. Crawdaunt and Salamence should definitely not go in UU, their damage calculations and the "Haxorus was tested before" excuse to drop Salamence to UU is completely wrong for me. in this meta there are no Fairies and there are hidden abilities without legendaries, in what way is Salamence worse than Haxorus in UU? When Haxorus has a 35% chance to win in OU. Regarding Crawdaunt... It definitely shouldn't be in the UU either. I strongly encourage TC to UP them (Haxorus to UU, Crawdaunt to OU, Salamence to OU) the next month.
  4. Welcome. - Hydreigon: That "Cambio de sentido" of Hydreigon should be U-turn (Ida y vuelta) or Surf/Focus Blast. and nature Timid (Naturaleza Miedosa). - Garchomp: I would change "Colmillo de fuego" Fire fang for: Stone Edge, the other moves are just decent. - Scizor: If you're running Scizor with no sustain like Roost or Ev's in HP, I don't recommend using Leftovers and Superpower; Life Orb with Close combat is your way to go. You can also try moves that can do better than Bug Bite in some scenarios but that move is really good: Aerial Ace and maybe Thief or Quick Attack. - Cofagrigus: I DONT recommend to run cofagrigus here, you may do a combo with Snorlax (Normal + Ghost) and the main idea is good, but you should try doing Cofagrigus + Chansey/Blissey or normal-type Pokemons in OU tier. Don't missunderstand me, Snorlax is pretty good, but in super specific compositions like: Snorlax, Dugtrio, Golbat, Shedinja, Reuniclus, Mandibuzz, not in a Hyper Ofensive, to build a team you need to have "Tematic", Snorlax + Cofagrigus is good only with 1 wall more and making it Balanced or full stall, to full-cover the weaknesses of Snorlax, so again, Cofagrigus is not enought to cover Snorlax. - Snorlax: I DON'T recommend to run Snorlax here, since the other Pokemons of the team cannot switch to him or you cannot switch without losing 1 pokemon or 80% of the HP of each one of them when switch from snorlax to one of them (Scizor, Hydreigon, Gengar, Garchomp). - Gengar: In this meta, I 0% recommend Substitute Gengar, in some situations is good, but in the majority of them you just want: Focus Blast / Shadow Ball / Nasty Plot / Thunderbolt; the items vary depending on your team, but in yours I recommend to have the item focus sash. Personal recommendations: Don't use Gengar, use Starmie (ANTI-LEAD). Don't use Snorlax, use Dragonite (Dragon Dance with hidden ability instead of Snorlax). Don't use Cofagrigus, use Metagross 252 HP Stealth Rock (SUICIDE LEADER). Make the Garchomp a Choice Scarf user (Pañuelo Elegido Garchomp). Use Scizor Life Orb with Close Combat. I would not recommend Hydreigon Scarf, but Nasty plot Hydreigon or something else like Espeon or Breloom or Rotom-Mow, but Hydreigon is not really good in this composition that i'm making for you. I recommend to watch the sets from the Showdown calculator some of them are really accurate and tell me if you have questions just by a reply. @Lehu & try to include English translations in your next post.
  5. I'm not betting 10m anymore because I play today in 3 hours 30 minutes. (I DONT ACCEPT A TAKE NOW)
  6. Its a visual bug because Magic Bounce is relatively a new ability but is no more than that. I hope it gets fixed someday
  7. That theme seems to be Outdated. This means the theme cannot process change in graphics like the new PvP panel or Alphas additions. The solution is to wait the owner to update that, updating it yourself with differences and giving credits to him, or just looking for a new one (which I recommend): @killcode1103
  8. Recommendations: - Garchomp is Stone Edge not Fire Fang. And try Hidden Ability. - Scizor is not Choice Band but Life Orb 252 Speed 252 Attack Adamant; Moves: Close Combat/Sword Dance/Bullet Punch. Last move of scizor is prefference I think but the usual choice is Aerial Ace/Bug Bite/Thief. If you do want run Scizor 252HP no matter what the set is: Item:(Flying gem, Dark gem, Leftovers) Roost/Sword Dance/Bullet Punch/ and the last one depends in the item: Thief(Dark Gem), Acrobatics(Flying Gem), Bug Bite or another move (leftovers). - Ferrothorn should be SPECIAL DEFENSE since you already have Pelipper sort of covering Defense its more logical to have 1 Defense and 1 Special Defense; I recommend it with Spikes to combo Stealth Rock + Spikes with Garchomp and: Leech Seed / Gyro Ball / Power Whip (with spikes obviously). - Kabutops use it with Choice Band. since your life orb is not providing any better than a Choice Band would do. Try Life Orb set if you want: Sword Dance / Waterfall / Aqua Jet / Stone Edge. - Kingdra Hurricane is Ok. I have seen Kingdra's Hurricane being nice attackers and I don't recommend to change it. - Pelipper is Ok. I prefer Hurricane than Scald, but its a nice move. That;s it. If you have questions of why, you can reply. And please use English or come along with a translation. @InflokerLuffy
  9. Bronze Match Venezuela[0]vs[0]Team Latam OU: Ardael VS ZeknShooter NICK: ZeknShooter 10M I win (1 TAKE, THE FIRST ONE TO TAKE IT. NO BLACKLISTEDS) WITH TRUSTED MIDDLEMAN @Quinn010. Send him the money as soon as you take. I will do the same, and @ me if you do take so I sent the money too. and he can give the money to whoever wins the bet 10M given 10m won (20m).
  10. IGN: ZeknShooter Country: Venezuela Tiers: OU Discord: egliette#3221
  11. Torkoal - Exeggutor - Darmanitan - Volcarona (Probably) - Chandelure (Probably) - Rotom-Heat (Probably) Garchomp, Scizor and Rotom-Wash are indeed generic route they are nice and the most common allies. I recomend to put in there at least a Garchomp. Scizor and Rotom-Wash take part in volturn for having more sun
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