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  1. Yesterday I went to Lost Cave in the morning to check out what kind of hordes appear there, and in what ratio Murkrows are appearing. So according to my experience, you have to use 10 Leppas in order to get two hordes of Murkrow, one of which containing a shiny. #SRIF Omg I have been so incredibly lucky.
  2. Hey guys! Finally found my favorite poke as a shiny yesterdays! I came close to 30k encounters (even though I had many more before I started counting)
  3. bcool

    Swarm Alerts

    Thank you very very much!
  4. bcool

    Swarm Alerts

    Do you have to go to a specific NPCs TV? I tried various in Hoenn and Kanto, but all were playing advertisements :D I'd so much love entering swarm hunting
  5. Hey, youre lucky that a huge supporter of special-attacking crobats is here. Use its two stabs, air cutter and sludgebomb. Giga drain usually goes for my third choice. The last choice definitely falls for heat-wave to kill everything made out of of steel. If you feel your crobat not being strong enough, you should equip it with an life ord to compensate for lacking base stats
  6. I would fall in love with this feature!
  7. It appears like Jynx and Vanilluxe are the only Pokemon that learn avalanche by levelling (since there is no TM). Because Jynx is out due to being 100%female, so the question is how to go from Vanilluxe (Mineral) to Monster or Water 1? I've seen Swamperts with avalanche, so there must be some way. Idea with Smeargle sounds very nice though...
  8. Hey Everybody! I'm kinda like in despair because I can't figure out how the heck to breed a swampert with avalanche. Can someone provide me some ideas on how to make a proper chain?
  9. could at least someone confirm if its possible to win something? anybody had luck?
  10. Hey Everyone! Quick question: I'm visiting Lilycove Department Store very often to participate in the Lottery offered by the woman to the right, but never won anything. Therefore, I'd like to ask if it is even possible to win anything there? Because in normal Pokegames, it's related to the ID of the OT, but I cant even find something like an ID at my Pokemon, just the OT name. With warmest regards from my side and a huge thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  11. Can anybody point out how to breed with particles? Would be very kind and thanks a lot in advance!
  12. Are there any ghosts in kanto or hoenn? /answer found, only unova
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