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  1. Do you wonder what the jump stone can do? It allows you to jump if you use it. It allows you to jump once if you recharge it by walking around for twenty steps. The number of jumps can be accumulated. I think you can't use it jump over a tree or river. You can't use it to evolve your Eevee. It is cool but not fool! - Dr. Howcan
  2. Have you thought of why pvp matches must apply the same level restriction (lv. 50) on every Pokemon? To be fair for all Pokemon (to be fair for the weak ones), all Pokemon are divided to different tiers (Uber, OU, UU, NU, Untiered, LC). This is the traditional rule having been used for many years. To let all Pokemon playable including your favorites and awesome legendaries, I suggest pvp matches should offer an option allowing to use all Pokemon but with different level restrictions. For example, some UU Pokemon may have level restricted to lv. 55 to match up the strength of most OU Pokemon. Legendaries may have some harsh level restriction like lv. 40-45. What do you think? Do you like this suggestion? Please vote and comment below to show your opinions. Thanks for your time and participation in advance!
  3. It is confirmed that developers are going to introduce Gen 4 first. Hopefully, it may come true before the end of this year. Personally, I wish developers can put more resources to make Gen 6 and 7 become part of Pokemmo, which surely attracts more new players and builds up a larger community.
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