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  1. Will remember + Do your ditto needs to be alive in order to add particle in it?.. I just beat pumpkin but got no particle cause ditto died sadge. Thanks for all the help. Have a good time.
  2. I clear phase 1 and 2 easily but that pumpkin never uses Ghastly move vs me so I can't set up properly. I clear first 2 phases with nearly full health and No stats. .-. still I lose at phase 3
  3. is it just me or anyone else has barely faced the Ghastly vision move for only 1-2 times? I've been doing the hard mode and I haven't faced it for over 10 matches now, It's annoying cause the only move pumpkin uses is Pump strike and my pokes die easily.. ? It's Frustrating to lose a lot matches like that.
  4. Play fortnite kid, it's 100% functional.
  5. This dude is referring to elite four cool down and Shedinja nerf I think. Forget it dude, it won't be returning again. Yes PvP players are finally enjoying them, why not just try PvP and enjoy it yourself. No one is forcing you to stay PvE oriented, we're in a MMO, you should try every features of it. Play randoms it's really fun and frustrating sometimes lol PvE is also gonna get halloween in this month and PvP players will also play it, it's not like they just stick with PvP, most of them do both. I suggest you to add more suggestions and discussions about PvE contents and not to hate the PvP oriented updates. PvP players have asked the updates for a Long time and now they're finally getting them.
  6. so party hat is actually limited.. smh
  7. is not worth after shed gone and 6 hrs cooldown, IN MY OPINION.
  8. If They actually check forums.. Very few people actually check forums and going to MMO code of conduct page is like... Yea nobody does that. This suggestion is intended for people who come to forums after getting their account banned so his points are somewhat valid as Bear said.
  9. Ask chinese money printers about this, I think even old players are seeing these kind of ridiculous price bumps for the first time and YES, IF I sell link the mask in trade chat someone will offer 14m for it... Golden mask actually has a lot of demand so it doesn't .Feel odd but GTL can't always be followed for price checks due to the way it's running, like who is gonna 70m for Nutcracker? I'd rather buy golden mask as it looks better (i feel so). New players can barely pay that amount of money even old players will struggle I believe but who knows.. there are a lot new money printers in game, 500-800m is nothing for them. So either get crushed on the fast paced money printers race or just stop buying them. The time limited vanity section is now just a item cloning game between a few money printing groups. Please don't delete it mods.
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