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  1. I luv you bby

  2. what is this sorcery!

  3. Also needs Winterbrah, he never payed that 12 Yen.
  4. Are you betting against yourself or just quoting the posts, got me a little confused.
  5. Should add back the rule that all bets on unplayed matches (Activity wins) are voided.
  6. OU1: Phatiman vs Morrizbel Doubles: Eloyriptor vs Artemiseta ADV OU: Varathorn vs Codylramey DPP OU: PokemonMagnet vs AQA UU1: Kazooka vs BurntZebra Doubles: NightLucifer vs Pel UU1: overtoasted vs xSparkie ADV OU: LeTyrone vs Sleepy OU1: xLuLu vs Glumac Doubles: Schuchty vs fredrichnietze 50K on all of these
  7. I could have sworn I put JWK up and not 4F bc 4F is busy. Fuck me, they'll still catch the beats.
  8. >Starts the bidding thread up >No rules or regulations I'll PM you
  9. I tried remaking it the day after the auction, could not find it in the trash. I don't mind managing it again this year, just no will to type up that kinda OP again
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