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  1. Wait in Vermillion for the 3rd part of the event
  2. Im in, i dont know why there isn't a discord/chat to try teams in showdown before breed them in MMO having in count how expensive breed system is(both in time and money)
  3. We can at least have the confirmation if the 3rd part of the event got cancelled? or if the part 2-2 count as the 3rd part.
  4. Also would help have a counter for: Reflect / Light screen / Tail whind / Spikes on the field
  5. HermitG

    Quick Wishlist

    1. That we can mark pokemon as "favorite" so we can't sell it/trade it/release it/breed it until unmark it (this will help to avoid lose pokemon by mistake) 2. Automatically stack the items that are the same (e.x: rather than have in the bag "x1 Golden Tiger Mask/ x1 Golden Tiger Mask/ x1 Golden Tiger Mask" have listed like "x3 Golden Tiger Mask"), and make the stack maximum more than x99, this will help to have better organized the bag
  6. Maybe the mods only want a new meme in what use the "Soon™" (?
  7. This sweet and handsome young man saved my son from an attack of vicious wild Houndours and also ev trained my mons, 10/10 is a real HERO
  8. I guess everyone here saying him to stop crying aren't the same that were crying bc Garchomp ability. Right?
  9. The only thing for doing that is to force the players to grind more hours
  10. Desearia que agregaran eso, seria algo genial para los equipos, pero con lo mucho que tardan en actualizar el juego dudo que agreguen algo asi I wish they added that, it would be a great thing for the teams, but with how long it takes to update the game I doubt they add something like that
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