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  1. Thank You. Hopefully we can do a good performance for everybody
  2. @DoctorPBC Kokeno and I agreed to play our game on sunday. We understand that week 3 is not posted yet. But We are friends and We prefer to schedule with time our duel. Kokeno Vs badbaarsito at any time on sunday August 14th.
  3. Still better to stop the game. Stop the game and wait till doctor say something about it. It was easier, and You avoid this useless drama. DoctorPBC have all the pastes on his inbox and everything. He should be able to see who make the mistake at the end.
  4. It mattered a lot. Stop a duel cuase you are following the rule of someone cheating make more sense than continue the duel, lose and then claim that someone cheat you is like I said before. Weird. Why does Killua should give u a rematch if the one who make the mistake was the host? just as an example. I saw the complete duel and Killus fucked up the duel gyro ball make more damage than psychic actually but whatever. So lets wait till doctor speak. You are saying that killua is a cheater without knowing if he make the mistake or it was doctor. SO is fair to think that maybe is just cause you lose the game. Lets wait till doctor make an statement and see who make the mistake.
  5. I do not think is rightfully choice that one. If He have the issue about it, It was easier forfeit the battle for make it notice than just let the duel pass. This make a lot of questions for everybody cause You can see another scenarios. If Eric instead of lose the game. Won the game Should he say something? Is very suspicious I saw all the duel but meh. Is part of Doctor job take part of this and check what will happen. Let the duel continue make everythign very suspicious.
  6. No rule showing that we cannot or we can but anyway I do not think that someone changed the ev's
  7. I understand that and I'm agree with you about the rule. I think taht maybe DoctorPBC make a mistake on the document. The rematch should be discussed but not a guarantee of get one. I also think that this mistake should be announce in the middle of the duel when He notice it and not until the end after he lost the match.
  8. I saw him playing last week with psychic bronzong against TehKharma as well I Do not see any kind of drama. Most likely is weird a complain about it. Is better to wait DoctorPBC and see what will happen
  9. Reading back all the post. You are correct on that is not clear at all. I think a better explanation can be good so everybody can have a better idea of the selection process. @isi1993umbra dice ue no esta claro el proceso de seleccion y creo tiene razon ahi
  10. Is a good idea indeed but remember something. Usually when there is a discussion about hosting any kind of events everything ends up on shit fest sadly. The issue is that many people join that discussion for continue with their personal brief with someone who is part of that and insult them without arguments and after that everything's begin to be a circus. There is no feedback's on discuss for host a new event usually there is always insults and intolerance with ideas that many players of the community share on the post. Do not get me wrong. I like the idea and It can be great but a wide discussion will end up on a shit fest with lot of forums accounts banned. Hopefully we can do that wide discussion. Pd: Following what do I said. Read a comment above saying random ass to someone who attempt to host an event. That's what I mean
  11. Won in three games: Game 1: Badbaarsito won Game 2: Edwardinho won Game 3: Badbaarsito won
  12. We are gonna re-schedule our duel for tomorrow same hour.
  13. Hey Doc!! Can You please give me only one extra day for submit my team?
  14. IGN: Badbaarsito Tier: VGC RANDOMS UT MONO Discord: Xigbar#2387
  15. IGN: Badbaarsito Country: Mexico Tiers: All tiers Discord: Xigbar#2387 Fluff: Akaru se la come
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