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  1. Buying sexy dojo and ghost 20m each LÂB, LÅB, LÄB, LÀB
  2. Oh no not this again ? but in any case @Bestfriends Mayor For Liiifffeeee ?
  3. The Finals Battles Will Be So Legendary, Definitely Will Leave History In The PokeMmo World.
  4. I stopped Garchomp with Exeggcute Eviolite ez uwu
  5. Falta 3 horas con 38mins para inscribir y despues dentro una hora se empiesa el Torneo
  6. Congratulations to mspinguino for beating the Battle Factory with 51 Winstreaks This Battle Factory is closed for now!
  7. Congratulations to @calidubstep the Battle Palace is closed for now <3
  8. Congratulations to @zhaOYugod for Defeating the Battle Palace Challenge, Price is sent through Mail. Battle Palace is shut down for now <3
  9. Battle Frontier Challenge Time limit has been taken off there is no more time limit the Great Reward will remain there until someone succeeds to win 50 continuous battles minimum Regardless of the date. Will continue on random mini tournaments hosted by my Refs <3
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