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  1. Suggestions for existing items: A cool animation for Giant Turtle Shell would be a shot of water particles: The Dragon Robe I have no idea, maybe it lights up like it's so hot it glows, but costing 1.5k I think is a pretty outrageous price these days Boar costume in the overworl is such a cute jumpsuit, but in profile it looks like a bathing suit mage's staff with lightning effects on magic crystals Red/Black Reaper Hood the only halloween item that doesn't animate in profile mode and when entering battle Vampire Fangs in the glasses slot?
  2. the idea of the topic is not about predicate the price of the items, but the changes in the items thus increasing the price and benefiting those who had them, the bad part is that only a part of the players benefits, I don't know if I think it's right to mess with the economy like this, it's cool but I wouldn't say it's fair to do it just for a few, helping only a part of specific players. Maybe Winged would have dropped if it wasn't for this buff, he was already wanting to drop from 12/13 to 10m before the event. Many many vanities dropped in price during the event because of the desperation to accumulate poke eyen for the event
  3. I agree with you, manipulative whales are happy, updates favor and benefit a part of the players. I think if you're going to do this you should do it for all items. for me if they made it only for the limited ones costing 1.5k RP which was the case with UFO ok, but now they changed the winged helmet which is good, but it's unfair to all other items like Little Santa's Helper, Skeletom, gingerbread man, vampire fangs, nutckracker, elfbots, ghost costume, Boar Costume(looks like they ripped their pants on the profile)... and many others whether they are undervalued or a lot. Now that Winged buffs I don't know but if there's a way to do something fair without giving the impression of benefiting specific players
  4. With a lot of organization and postponement one day the event will happen xD planning* I believe with Dungeons, HA and Legendaries as the old legend said on the forums
  5. Last shiny hunts: Woobat 1: Woobat 2: Finalmente Axew(agora é Haxorus): Swellow: Crustle(Só PEDRADA agora - esmeralda):
  6. 6 days the limit not to say a week
  7. was hunting just to breed and pass mineral Pumpcat to mineral/bug but I really liked it and I don't think I will sell ?
  8. honestly I think if it's to update, I think all the old limited vanity items that cost the same price (1.5k) should be updated, if that happens it would be cool, but otherwise I would think it's very unfair that it would benefit only a few people a lot Big luck to the handlers and whales who were already hogging the UFO before it occurred
  9. I heard it's by breed. I sincerely hope there is another way to get HA other than by breed that I spent millions and millions to make my competitive shinys perfect. And we also have the Shiny PVP and PVE rewards that are untradable
  10. I heard that HA leaked, and that you could get it by breed, I sincerely hope there is another way to get HA other than by breed that I spent millions and millions to make my competitive shinys perfect. And we also have the Shiny PVP and PVE rewards that are untradable
  11. This first part of the update will be updated in the movepool right? Does anyone have a list of pokemons and moves affected?
  12. I had stopped playing in December, but because I was very unlucky in several points of the game like PVP, PVE, I couldn't even Farm and on top of that an unsuccessful shiny hunt that I spent 80m I took the hax at one point and was going to do something else, but then the bad luck was so bad that I had nothing else to do in a game that has RNG in everything
  13. I'm flattered that you marked your curriculum trainer and marked this historic moment for you that happened last year, although I'm not much of a pvp person (I've never won or come close to winning a tournament OU) xD
  14. I understand you, I also suspect the RNG of this game too xD PS: no irony, although the comment is funnier to relax (it's laughing so you don't cry)
  15. Last shiny hunts: Woobat 1: Woobat 2: Finally Axew: Swellow:
  16. as you can see in the image attached to the post, there would be a check to activate this function only if the person wants it, and if selected it would open a checkbox to choose the active whispers and even veteran players to this day I see from time to time they send a whisper on the wrong channel, like selling an offer on the team channel by accident
  17. Option to click on the chat tab and automatically switch to the whisper defined in the corresponding tab
  18. Team Name: SEVIIChampions Team Tag: [SêVí] Registered Players: MatsVictor, Polarizedd, JuniorPT, ButaleF, mercezin, Biqueta, Springgann, ImEnvy, Farayyy, DRPOKES, Pedroplcc, manuelgleyson, Losoned, PaGuui, victaosp, YoshinPvP, OliverXL, Clorokina, PSGLionelMessi, fenken Team Captain: Biqueta
  19. Legendary golden karp Really Legendary and I feel bad if I cross IVs to make comp
  20. For those who have a problem where the counter is not counting I found a solution, I went to check the screenshot that is generated when we click configure and the HP icon and it looks like this: I asked a friend to send me his "img_hp" and replace it and it worked. So you just go to the folder of the file "encounter_counter (3)" and enter the folder "ec_resources" and replace the "hp_img.png" with this image below: hp_img.png -> I don't know if it's something that is varying from system to system or if it stopped working at some point
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