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  1. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Is this really a TeamBuilding competition based on the pokes available and the product obtained? It seems not
  2. My Team IGN: JosueFeng https://pokepast.es/4fc5ab7293a1f9f7 Team Building Logic Crobat: WIth enough speed to outspeed gengar, full invesment in PS to take any ludicolo attack and survive (later explained), the other evs in ATK. Use acrobatics instead of brave bird to avoid recoil, Quick guard predicting bullet punch from scizor o metagross against smeargle in focus sash, or any fake out/feint, Taunt to stop trick room users and follow me supports. Smeargle: Full speed to outspeed ludicolo without rain (later explained), full ATK and Technician to do more damage, to do max damage possible , 0 IVS in PS, DEF, SPD to receive the max damage possible and take advantage of Endeavor. Spore to stop one pokemon, Endeavor brings the foe hp, and the best moves against some Pokemon to which we cant deal easily (Rotom-W, Gastrodom and Metagross), Feint to take out one pokemon after endeavor and break Protect. Tyranitar: Tank tytar with Chopple berry to survive any attack, with enough speed to outspeed mienshao (In tailwind), and other tank tytar. Crunch and Rock slide the best stab movs and low kick instead of superpower because make the max damage against other Tytars, Hydreigon, Metagross, Gigalith and 100 power against Scizor and Ferrothorn. Porygon2: Full PS and with some DEF evs while maximizes the Nature points. Ice beam to stop dracos, thunderbolt to one-shoot Pelipper and trick room to counter faster Tail Wind users. Hitmontop: Enough Special Bulk to resist hydreigon +2 dragon pulse and some DEF evs to take some damage from Scizor/Exca/Tyranitar/Hitmontop, Sitrus berry to heal some damage and avoid some 2HKO. Close combat main stab, Wide Guard and Ally switch to keep safe Tytar from excadrill. Kingdra: Timid to outspeed Modest Kingdra, Life Orb to KO Salamence, Hydreigon and make 2HKO with Scald to Scizor. Muddy Water and Dragon Pulse main STAB, with Scald to avoid wide guard and have chance to burn. How To Play Against Orange Rain Lead with Smeargle and Crobat, the strongest Cores are Ludi-Jolteon/Kingdra-Hitmon. Against Ludi: Turn 1, Fake out Jolteon, and Tailwind, if keep Jolteon lose a turn, the usual is bring back Jolteon and takes out Pelipper, Muddy Water trigger the Focus Sash. Turn 2, Spore Pelipper, and acrobatics to Ludi, if keeps Ludi, advantage for us, if switch to Scizor we can do Quick Guard and endeavor in Turn 3, if switch to Jolteon we can use Endeavor in Pelipper and switch Crobat by Tyranitar. If beging with other leads we can switch easily, just need to keep crobat safe to kill Ludi/Hitmon. Against Kingdra: Turn 1, Fake Out Kingdra a Tail Wind, if Kingdra is modest we are faster with Smeargle. Turn 2 we can sleep one Pokemon and switch. Against Hyperofense with Mienshao-Crobat Lead with Tyranitar and Crobat to break the Sash and threaten Shao, Turn 1 Protect-Tailwind or Predicting the switch we can use Rock Slide. Against any other opening we can keep Tytar and keep safe Crobat to kill mienshao, and control the speed with trick room/Tailwind. Against Trick Room The usual Cores are Hariyama-Reuniclus/dusclops, Reuniclus/Dusclops-Porygon2, we can lead with Smeargle and Crobat, We use Acrobatics and Spore, except against double Trick-Room setter, we use Spore and Taunt, we always sleep the one who does the most damage. Against Sand Team There are many good opening, we can lead with Hitmontop-Kingdra, and use muddy water, just keep safe hitmontop until Excadrill dies. Against Follow me/Booster Lead with Crobat-Smeargle,Turn 1 Fake out to the booster, Taunt to the Support or Fake Out and Taunt to the Support predicting the Protect. Turn 2 If booster protect in Turn 1 we can Attack and Spore to the Booster or Tail wind-Spore if its faster than Smeargle. If doesnt protect in Turn 1 we can do Taunt in the Support slot, predicting the switch to another Support, and Spore to the Booster. Taunt and Spore are your main tools against this teams use it wisely.
  3. In-Game Name: JosueFeng Country/Region : Costa Rica/Rest of latam Preferred Tiers : Dubs Personal Note : a Discord Tag : Josué Feng#5684
  4. That's right, my team is a "goodstuff" I try to counter all strategies and strong pokemon without using them. I use the same team since Garchomp came out and it always has rock slide instead of SwD or HoC, because I need another check for volca booster in case gigalith dies. And it is infeasible to build a framework about "goodstuff" because they can take different forms. Thanks for credits.
  5. Team Name: Elitewarriors Team Tag: [ZËRØ] Registered Players: Wayneew, DavidAkd, velkdos, Torpi, Danliz, Papudri, Amosesshomaru, IncursioZ, DrTylerGrey, OscarPereira, YJos, AlannahPA JosueFeng, ShellUny, Valkryss. Team Captain: DrTylerGrey
  6. Team Name: Elitewarriors Team Tag: [ZËRØ] Registered Players: Wayneew, DavidAkd, velkdos, Torpi, Danliz, Papudri, Amosesshomaru, IncursioZ, DrTylerGrey, OscarPereira, YJos, AlannahPA JosueFeng, ShellUny, Valkryss. Team Captain: DrTylerGrey
  7. Team Name: Elitewarriors Team Tag: [ZËRØ] Registered Players: Torpi, PyskoO, DavidAkd, JosueFeng, Krainsillo, kevuNDEAAH, BOYKADD, Wayneew, AmoSesshomaru, AzaelGarde. Team Captain: PsykoO
  8. in Garchomp Rotom-Mow Gastrodon-East Togekiss Arcanine Gigalith
  9. Josuefeng VS IKillua, Saturday 13, 22:00 GMT -6
  10. Team Name: Elitewarriors Team Tag: [ZËRØ] Registered Players: POLLITOBLACK,Wayneew,PyskoO,camilosc,DavidAkd,Muw,JosueFeng,torpi Team Captain: JosueFeng
  11. In-game name: JosueFeng Country: Costa Rica Tiers signed up for: Dubs (Optional) Discord name:Josué Feng#5684
  12. I would like to participate, it seems that it will have a good level.
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