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  1. IGN : RAVAEL Country: Poland Tiers: OU NU Discord : RAVAEL#1065
  2. Thank You MKNS,that was a really excited PSL Teams Edition! GL on the next,greetings ^^
  3. VVVV RAVAEL vs SIA Tawla on Sunday 9 pm UTC+2H
  4. RAVAEL vs ZDFire Sunday 7:30 PM GMT+1
  5. VVVV RAVAEL vs HDML JasonSparrowX NU Sunday 07:00 PM GMT
  6. Team Name: Team Kult Team Tag: Kult Registered Players: RAVAEL, Zielonooki, Paczus, Shershen, Kryso, Kronol, Ranbon, SlimMatt, TsudaKun, Galoss, Quave Team Captain: Paczus
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