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  1. Hey, thank you for reply i already tried ur method and yes, i only planted it in Mistralton city cz i'm too lazy to plant it in another city my final questions are: 1. Do i need to keep to replant these (21 cheri 10 rawst 10 pecha) seeds to keep recycle? 2. If so, do i still need to buy seeds from GTL if those seeds are not enough for recycling? 3. "recycle" means harvest right? (u buy that tool like scissor from the farm guy?) 4. What if i forget about watering my plants when my "water" indicator reach 1/5 (lowest)? how many hours till my plants die? again, thank you if you reply, sorry for noob questions and bad grammar
  2. hello,im new to this berry farming i want to farm leppa berries to make profits, and what's the best way to get the seeds? do i always need to buy it from GTL every single day? or there's another way to obtain it? what's ur personal recommendation? thank you.
  3. 1. how do i find the rats set vanity? 2. what do coins for?
  4. Infernape Staraptor Luxray Garchomp Gengar Floatzel
  5. Congrats dude! I would like to take any of those 2 pokes, i never encounter a shiny before :(
  6. how much do you guys think for Adamant 31atk shiny shinx??
  7. Im sorry if i make this on the wrong forum i just want to ask/report why the shortcut button for my old rod always changing to good rod when i enter PC and i already tried to relog and changing to another shortcut but it's still the same, i also tried to put old rod to all shortcut and suddenly it changed to good rod when i entered PC i already asked staff about this in game but got ignored this problem didnt happen only to me, there's some dude i forgot his name also had the same problem with the shortcut thingy also this button also " / " doesnt work for a specific action like moving to the right i hope this will fixed soon, Thank you. EDIT: you guys can try it yourself with your old rod and see if it changes or not
  8. ikr this healing dialog box in sinnoh and unova is annoying af unlike kanto/hoenn
  9. Wait, we can put exp share on daycare poke and still gives EXP while we're battling npc/hording??
  10. ikr, why would it called Baton Pass if it can't Pass the remaining stats, my e4 pokes are useless now
  11. yeah but still after we logout still have to do the "delete-reinstall the game" process, i hope the staff can fix it later
  12. Thankd and you guys here it's working, but i need to set up my settings all over again i apreciate all the comments, it's amazing how ppl recognize this fast
  13. Hello there, thanks for the info IT is there and i deleted the .exe next process like this?
  14. why i dont have PokeMMO folder in my ~/Library/Application Support/PokeMMO??
  15. Yea, im sorry too if it sounds like anger, we are alr put so many time here
  16. So if it's a free game we are not allowed to complaint?? DOTA is a free game, there are complaint/critics there I paid my donate to support this game, so if youre not any helpful here with your logic i suggest you to silent idk what system youre using, i assume you are not a mac user! if it is, you wouldnt even tell me that EDIT: And it's also been 12 hrs
  17. same bro, after the launcher updates, game asks me to put ROMs after i put it all it wont open again i want to play DEVS!
  18. is it like this? the staff in discord so quiet and no help at all
  19. Is this guide still viable in today's economy?
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