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  1. Would someone kindly split the files for the 2.1a patch please? @budadeth
  2. Does it matter what level your 4 pokemon are when entering the event? Or do I need to level all 4 of my pokemon to level 100?
  3. Here is what is being said. So no confirmation on if it's happening or cancelled. I guess we will find out tonight?
  4. Something else to grind besides normal gameplay. Events add spice to the game and bring excitement. Really hoping this year's Christmas event is not cancelled.
  5. When I go to import 2.0 on my Android device I get a black screen and it crashes. (I'm on a high end phone) Is the 2.0 a patch that needs to be patched into a full version? Or can I use the 2.0 on its own? How do you suggest I fix this problem? Thanks
  6. Amazing mod!! A couple bugs I've noticed: Wingull is in the ground. (HD with 1.3 patch) Shiny Linoone is hovering in the air. (SD mod) Keep up the great work!
  7. Hunting for Staryu on Route 13 Unova and found this bird. First non horde shiny for me. Welcome to the team. πŸ™‚
  8. While speed EV training. My first random shiny that I wasn't purposely hunting for.
  9. Around 50 hordes after the previous shiny. All I can say is SRIF!
  10. After a year hiatus from the game. Around 2,700 horde encounters. She matches my Egyptian outfit.
  11. Any updates on this mod? Are you still working on it. Thanks
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