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  1. Hello. Please be patient while waiting for a reply. Thank you!
  2. You will get it before you know it ^^ Good luck!
  3. Hello. Please wait patiently for a reply to your ban appeal. Thank you.
  4. Hello. You may have logged into the wrong account as this character still does exist. We cannot help you from here, so please contact us on https://support.pokemmo.com/login/ (you login with game account credentials) - and we can discuss the case from there. Thank you! Have a nice day.
  5. Hello. To apply for a club here, please message @Mikyii and me as we are the club moderators. We will then send you the club application template. Thanks! Have a nice day.
  6. Hello. To appeal your ban, please go to https://support.pokemmo.com/ and login with your banned game account.
  7. Hello. Please go to https://support.pokemmo.eu/ and login with the account credentials of your banned account to appeal your ban.
  8. Hi @Kyo526. I am very sorry to hear you had difficulties - for future events, it is explained here ^^ You can either drag your entry from your team party to the chat window or click 'Link' next to 'Send' to add it to chat, and then whisper to a staff member: Have a nice day! See you next event hopefully.
  9. This is how I imagine you multitasking
  10. Hello. Please be patient and wait for the reply to your ban appeal. Thank you.
  11. I have a feeling that people are expecting new vanities to look as handsome as this dude
  12. Hello. A ban appeal decision is final. If your ban appeal has been rejected, the account will remain banned. The case is closed. Have a nice day. 你好。禁令上诉的决定是最终的。如果你的禁言上诉被驳回,该账户将继续被禁。此案已经结束。祝你有个愉快的一天。
  13. Hello everyone! Information about the new secret shiny feature has been added. Thanks to @DamianTe for already writing a nice summary of the whole thing, so all credits to him. I will add illustrations of the new animation as soon as it is completed. As always, if you have any feedback please do not hesitate to let me know.
  14. Hello. Are you talking about characters in your account? If so, please head to https://support.pokemmo.eu/ and login with your game account credentials and submit a support ticket (Support Request -> Character Recovery). I hope this helps.
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