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  1. You could ask literally anyone else from the players I managed they'd have a different opinion. The difference is they didn't choke.
  2. IGN: iJulianFNT Reason: kick sum ass Preferred Tiers: ALL Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): lol idk, 2x mvp, 2x best dubs in my 3 previous psls + 2 previous worldcups? Other random stuff: Why doesn't this format have a preffered managers section? I would kindly ask that if you are not Jovi/Yetto/Imabe/Lotus please abstain from buying me, I just wouldn't be as motivated as I would be with them <3
  3. Holy shit am I dumb? I never read yetto's name as 3 separate words... Anyways, Jovi Dennis Imabe Lotus Luke Nobody else matters.
  4. Double dance reuni is completely fine lol.
  5. Nice humble frag. I mean, brag.
  6. Magearna can also be a scarf user, wallbreaker and even mixed (av/shiftgear often runs iron head > flash cannon)
  7. Ye, umbreon/porygon2 can counter fairly reliably and mandi too if rocks are not up. Besides that, not every mon needs to have a direct counter. Slowbro/slowking can also dead with non-orbed bariants (plus, if its orbed then its way easier to rk anyways)
  8. I updated it, now you have almost 300 games which is pretty much the exact same sample size than munya used. Unfortunately smogon doesnt show winning team's usage (proably because it actually doesn't say much more than raw tournament usage in a highly competitive environment): Like, I get why munya filters out losing teams, you don't want the stats of noobs running their storyline mons messing with the actual metagame stuff. However, anyone who qualified and played for smogons world cup I'd argue is not a storyline noob so I'd say the stats are indeed quite comparable.
  9. You said the usage I showed wasn't realiable, which it is. You didnt respond to my actual argument which is that a high usage does NOT mean that a pokemon is broken or banworthy. "TC thinks it does" mean that, literally, TC thinks it does . In tyrones words from just a couple of posts above: Change Garchomp for Clefable and go ahead try and make the exact same argument in the smogons forums: you'll get laughed as they show you the way to the door.
  10. I updated the table with the post dlc wc stats before you replied, same gap, same Clef usage, it now has stats way closer to ours if that satysfies you (300ish games). No go ahead and tell their TC how you are smarter and more knoleadgeable than them in pokemon and how you discover that such a gap in usage proves beyond any reasonable doubts than a pokemon is broken and should be banned. Poor clef!, Im sure it'll be missed once you manage to convince them of your very solid usage based argument :D But thats besides the point. usage does NOT mean that a mon id broken (in tyrogues words). but the fact that TC thinks it does, the fact that you cant make basic assessments based on team preview, the fact that TC has 2 members who dont play the game and 6 total. That is what worries me. It is dissapointing, shameful and you have shown time and time again that you are not qualified to make metagame decisions. Forget garchomp, it is TC who needs a ban/reform. @Munya
  11. This is the smogons world cup usage, which in a single team has better players than probably the entire mmo playerbase conbined so no, I'd argue their stats are way more saying. Edit: The screenshot you replied to was the pre-dlc usage which I changed for the world cup usage date which I feel is more representative, it now has the same gap but in close to a 300 game sample size.
  12. Oh damn, I didn't know! wait... I guess the SSOU council better quickban Clefable! hurry go tell them! I guess they aren't smart enough to realise than a ~15% usage difference is a massive difference and indicates beyond any doubt that Clefable is not balanced at the moment. It gives a message clear as daylight: Clefable is broken.
  13. Scarf hydreigon checks pretty much every single one of them. Tell me how you beat the multiple sets of magearne in gen7? You dont. Why is it not banned then? is smogons TC dumb?
  14. Kyu said in their eyes it is the default secondary metagame after OU. They've previously nerfed niche strats in dubs in favour of ou (baton pass) yeah but I doubt they'd do the same to the single most used core. I guess we'll see. Even then, speaking of ou alone, banning sd on chomp is also dumb. People just need to learn to stop thinking of the game as if it was still generation 3 where you had a designated counter for every single mon lol.
  15. For one, it's widely argued that garchomp, as is, was NOT broken. You can read these arguments in the previous threads. As I've said before, a public voting should've been held. For two, as much as I dont like it, I really don't think @Munya @Kyu and the devs in general would love to kill the single most used team archetype in doubles: Setup kingdra + chomp. Much love.
  16. Which is a TERRIBLE route. @Munya high usage does NOT mean a pokemon is broken or ban worthy. See: Clef/Mandi in gen8ou
  17. If he wanted to preserve gliscor as you argued he did, then u-turning in the face of a chomp with physdef gliscor IS a choke unless you like eating raw orbed dracos. Either way, whatever his set was, uturning in from of a setup mon with your speedcontrol-less team that lacks a better check IS always a choke,
  18. You chose to display an example for your argument. Your flawed example instead exposed your flawed logic and view of the game. You go back and read the discussion you’ll also find a lot of arguments against. Which why I started by saying a vote should’ve been held instead of just having 6 people (2 dead) making the decision for everyone:
  19. So staying to eat a draco to uturn out with gliscor was obviously the play chuck made because he wanted to preserve gliscor? I think as flawed as the build was chuck still had the mu. And he could’ve easily won without gliscor. plus, he doesn’t even lose if he stays to eq: EQ on the +2, EQ again on the +4. EQ one last time, eat the +4 hit, KO the chomp and live to roost/de fog on clops or reuni later or a locked mag later. If your team doesn’t have speed control you can’t just mess around and give a setup mon 10 free turns lmao it’ll obviously make it look broken. Yet again, it still only kod 2 mons. That’s just current TC for you.
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