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  1. time to binge watch the only decent thing this season
  2. when reading necro threads is more interesting that logging in
  3. i miss the forums before somebody killed OT
  4. holly shit, carb is best update since the kanto e4
  5. Now that we know event items are limited not releasing a gift shop limited only dampens P2W, which I applaud. Moreover, gift shop limited items were becoming kinda common. Bear in mind that the next event is coming in under two months.
  6. all that is fine until you remember that all you can get are the micro back items, another odd hat, and the pain of deleting 40 trash cosmetics
  7. axx

    Vanity Thread

    ohhh nice seasonal armchair, now do a rocking chair!
  8. tl;dr event is over if you don't enjoy pokemmo's 'rng'
  9. axx

    RPG Discussion

    I see posts from dead people.
  10. axx

    The vanities release date is using the OS lang instead of the client's.

    Pls update again kthxbye.

  11. I didn't really enjoy the first season of 86 and I don't plan to watch the second, but I guess there is people who likes it. To me, it is just a subpar cgi-infested mecha with some forced tragedy points. The cliches are annoying and I don't particularly feel anything for the other characters which might as well die on ep 1 and you wouldn't notice. This despite they trying really hard to sell their deaths as a tragic loss. They are not. The plot brings some interesting ideas which are welcome but you can see their 'twists' two football fields away, I found myself most of the time thinking of how could have things played out had they made something different. As for who likes it or why is it popular, IMO that's mostly on the chans simping the core plot for reasons I cannot express in these forums. But hey, I want to see what Diano sees on it too
  12. Oh boy, can't wait to give devs my money for some ebin hats!
  13. A bit late for introductions eh
  14. Para mi aparecen en una carpeta que se llama "dump," aunque yo utilizo el cliente portable.
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