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  1. Just trying to say hello to all of the new people I don't know.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm Morganthou or JMKnuckles on here. I'm a Vtuber on Twitch and I've been playing this game on and off for almost 9 years. I look forward to meeting new and old people on here. Hope everyone has a great day!
  3. wow it's been nearly two years since I started my daycare center. It got killed when the devs added the "official" daycare. I'm kinda happy, because I can actually enjoy the game again. However, I might bring it back when Emerald comes out.

  4. So I gained 2 competitors this week. Should I consider this gratitude or a threat...

  5. Finished leveling up the Cubone to 50. Nearly finished leveling Kabuto to 50 as well.

  6. Looking to expand my Daycare Business! Though in the mean time, I just finished leveling a Snorlax to 89. It's now ready for pickup!

  7. Just got done leveling a Vuplix and a Magneton for the Daycare. Waiting for them to be picked up.

  8. Cool, I normally play on that channel anyways, unless I'm giving away pokemon.
  9. Since the server is down, I figured now would be a good chance to troll the forums. JK I've been playing Pokemon since I was 8 (21), and I literally geeked out when I heard about this game a few days ago. Since I've started playing on Tuesday I've pretty much abandoned my consoles for this. I hope to meet new people in this community and to become the Pokemon Champion! - Knuckles
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