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  1. IGN: AwaXGoku Fluff: I will have a queen chat in our discord and be the only manager to not win a game
  2. I never said i want to have LC for worldcup ,i was just saying what Huargensy said was not a good reason to remove it
  3. We should not ban a tier because some country cant play it , we should ban a tier because he's not/less competitive.
  4. Some country dont have good goalkeeper so lets play football 10vs10 without goalkeeper
  5. removing my sign up due to lack of time , sorry !
  6. Ban serperior pls it can put screen and parahax !!!
  7. The problem I see with everyone calling their own tournament "PSL" is there will be less hype when the "regular" PSL will be create. Since it was something happening once a year or maybe twice was really exciting and bring a lot of hype in the pvp community. Now PSL from private team follow each other and then people dont take this name seriously.
  8. ign : AwaXGoku not gonna lose in final this time ! (1st round)
  9. IGN : AwaXGoku TimeZone: GMT +1 Tier: OU UU NU Discord : AwaXGoku#1309 Fluff:
  10. nah bro you need to bet on my 10 boyfriends
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