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  1. Oh right in case anyone still clicks on this guide and thinks it has up-to-date information, it doesn't. For a current guide, head over to this beautiful guide constructed by a cutie called @pikabuuh ^^ Good luck and happy hunting!
  2. You have to complete the Sinnoh seen dex to get access. You can check by opening your Pokedex and setting the top left menu to "Sinnoh", and the number of Pokemon you've seen will be on the bottom left.
  3. It should 100% negate the effects, but the animation would stay... I think.
  4. You can tell those are two different people right?
  5. Dede pls response #FreeDede
  6. Or just pay attention? Spoonfeeding takes the fun out of things. And I'm saying this as someone who's killed/run from shinies. I lost those cause of my stupidity and honestly, I'd hate it if there was a thing like "Hey, you found a shiny! [Confirm]", that's overkill in terms of handholding lol. Losing shinies or making sure you get them is part of the hunt. Pay attention :) I hunt while watching movies, talking to people, studying, doing homework etc, and I still don't want that cause what's the point if the game just holds your hand like that?
  7. Mute the game like most people do? You can indeed do that c: Go into any mod's files and delete the bike music. The chat command /bgm should tell you what music is playing while you bike. I like bike music c:
  8. That's not relevant to the suggestion imo. People try UU/NU matchmaking and don't find suitable matches, then just stop trying an move to OU matchmaking with 0 hope for UU/NU matchmaking ever getting enough sign-ups to waste a round on it. You can't sign up for all three tiers so you'd be wasting a whole round instead of just playing OU for BP. If they were staggered it'd at least give people a chance to try the other tiers instead of relinquishing them for an OU game. Battle boxes would make signing up for different tiers at different times easier. As it stands right now, if you're queued for unranked UU, you're most likely not going to get a match.
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