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  1. Triple City Vs The Mismagicians Dubs: Mislandier Vs iMat 200k LC: TheDH Vs YettoDie 200k NU: DoubleJ Vs Zymogen 200k Roy Rogers Hooligans Vs The Evil Devilbats UU: TohnR Vs 200kUmbramol NU: ChronoRike Vs Zhiko 200k LC: ItsGray Vs Cali 200k Dubs: 200k Killua Vs Gasyflour NU: 200k Madara Vs MexiDany The Primal Primeapes Vs The Eden of Hazard's OU: Quitezy/Leotsb Vs PoseidonWrath 200k @DarylDixon OU: zKuroko vs 200kCristhianArce @DarylDixon UU: 200k Huargensy Vs RealDevilLegend NU: 200k Tawla Vs woxiangsinile Dubs: 200k Akarukokuyo Vs Nagahex LC: DarkQuiler Vs Warwitox 200k @DarylDixon OU: 200k JorgeFireBolt Vs Jaawax Mienfoo Fighters Vs Qwilfish n' Chips' OU: Lachidrago/xxLazaro Vs Kiwikidd 200k OU: 200k Lunarck Vs Stelian Dubs: 200k JeanMarcH Vs GodXebec LC: 200k Hernjet Vs Lotus UU: YEYOxD Vs ShellUny 200k @xWhinkZ UU: IYaseer Vs Pablobacas 200k Void if sub, act win, dq or any things like that
  2. IGN: Rickypoke Country: Peru Tier: OU,DB Discord: zMoomLight#1203 Notes: Vamos Kyara Villanella <3
  3. Roto el teaar en no queriendo Magikarp's Rage
  4. Aea cholo pulpin ,Give out Garchomp of reward road plis <3 :c
  5. ign: Rickypoke Reason: Play my first PSL ,have fun and show all my power Preferred tiers: Dubs, Ou, Nu Competitive accolades: I have a official tour and some unnoficial tournaments, top 32 dubs Discord contact: zJimmy#1203
  6. Tag team : Jakiro y Sus Carritos Players: JakiroMax,ArturoXZ,Rickypoke
  7. IGN: xRickyCP Country/País : Peru Tiers: OU,UU,NU,LC,Smou
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