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  1. A Guide to PokeMMO's In-Game Time and Seasons Time Scaling Real Time Game Time 15s 1m 15m 1h 30m 2h 45m 3h 1h 4h 1h 15m 5h 1h 30m 6h 1h 45m 7h 2h 8h 2h 15m 9h 2h 30m 10h 2h 45m 11h 3h 12h 6h 24h Game Time Periods Each Game Day has 3 time periods: Morning, Day, Night. Morning = Game Time 04:00-10:59 (7 Game Hours, 1h 45m Real Time) Day = Game Time 11:00-20:59 (10 Game Hours, 2h 30m Real Time) Night = Game Time 21:00-03:59 (7 Game Hours, 1h 45m Real Time) Game Time of Day Compared to Real Time Zones Google Sheet Link Game Seasons Jan Spring Feb Summer Mar Autumn Apr Winter May Spring Jun Summer Jul Autumn Aug Winter Sep Spring Oct Summer Nov Autumn Dec Winter
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