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  1. It wasn't seasonal and at hurt my bank a little ^^'
  2. uhhh.... we already got kanto starters and eevees mate o.o I'd imagine the 2022 starter event won't happen again, eevee will most likely be up for grabs again in a year or three
  3. next one is going to be a water A mon, I can feel in in my olden bones
  4. waaa, I don't want to have to play and return to the game on a regular basis
  5. Dude just had a psychotic break πŸ‘€
  6. In reality, the player known as ??? is very lonely.
  7. Be me with 6 lv.1 FEAR ratattas and mulltiple stacks of full revives, ez game don't know what else to say mate
  8. You could use a prism scale as well technically, if you do though, I will block any monster that does.
  9. I miss talking to Zac ;-; surprised he finally took off his burger hat though, miss you bud ❀️
  10. pretty slow mate, you only beat me by 3,000 hours
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