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  1. I can imagine. Keep reading those self help books, they're doing their thing. PD: Your parents basement doesn't count as your own room.
  2. Oh yeah, let me quit my job for sitting 8 hours a day to find some shiny.
  3. I think the nature of people who play this game is extremely revealed on these events (and please, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's a bad thing, it's just the way it is). When someone finds a strat for anything (pvp team, event bosses, pve, farming, etc) that is in some way profitable, the rest will follow. So, I think your complaint is more related with the nature of the community (of people in general) that with the devs, the boss or the game. Some reluctant player could implement his/her own strats, find new ways to beat the boss. But, a new iteration of the loop will come, people will follow and clone the strategy. Is easier to do what you did, watch and learn. It will result in no losses and (the best part for the most) they don't have to think how to do it by themselves. Humble opinion...
  4. Maybe you've been playing for only 50 hours in 6 years...
  5. I was close to write about the Champions League match and the hour of this TT...
  6. Is there a movil app for this forum? Or maybe a link with an api for using with a forum reader? Thanks for the replies...
  7. And I thought I was lucky for snipping a 3*29 breeder for 3k ?
  8. If I need sadness in my life, I'll come to this post...
  9. Yes, is interesting... I'm wondering how all these people did to catch certain shinies... It's amazing
  10. I'm gonna read 425 pages of this thread to motivate myself to find some shiny...
  11. It does not affect in anything. There's no difference between a *OT and a clean OT pokémon
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