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  1. Even if both are nice, if I were you, without knowing natures, I'd choose the 31 speed one over the other, as it's mainly an offensive pokemon
  2. Hola, en relación a tus preguntas: 1. La probabilidad es la misma que la de un encuentro salvaje (~1/30000 sin modificadores) 2. El juego no permite la crianza de un variocolor+no variocolor. Recuerda añadir una traducción al inglés en tus próximos post. Hello there, regarding to your questions: 1. Odds are the same than in a wild encounter (~1/30000 without modifiers) 2. Game doesn't allow breeding Shiny+Non-Shiny Remember to add an english translation in your future posts.
  3. Hola, está permitido adquirir servicios para entrenar pokemon. Por norma general, cualquier intercambio que no implique un intercambio de activos reales es posible de hacer. Hello there, it's allowed to get training services to train pokemon. Generally, any exchange which doesn't imply in real life assets is possible to do.
  4. Hello there, several mods can be found here: https://forums.pokemmo.com/index.php?/forum/33-client-customization/ Some of them are avaliable both for Android and Windows, hope this helps.
  5. Hello there, in order to help you further with your problem, you can use the support platform: https://support.pokemmo.com/login/, you can attach screenshots there and we can solve it better, thank you!
  6. Hello there, that's not a city itself, it's a place called Malvalanova/New Mauville, it's located at the south of Mauville City, in order to reach to it (it's a small cave) you have to surf next to the bike path and go northeast from that location.
  7. We don't use automated filters. When checking messages we see them by ourselves, so sanctioning for something like your example (vendo with the meaning of seeing) will most likely never happen.
  8. This guide is an explanation about what is considered Channel Trading according to our Code of Conduct (https://pokemmo.com/code_of_conduct/) and how you can respect the chat rules to avoid a sanction. 1. What do we consider Channel Trading? Any messages that imply an announcement of commerce of assets (e.g. pokemons, items) or services (e.g. EV training, breeding service) outside of the Trade Chat. The list below mentions a few things that might be unclear but are also considered Channel Trading, therefore belong in the Trade Chat: Announcement of future or ongoing player-hosted auctions. The auction may happen in a non-crowded place so people who take part may communicate during it using the Normal and Shout Chat, but the announcement about the auction must happen in the Trade Chat. Giveaways/raffles where users are charged a fee to participate. Promotion of link for Charms (e.g. Shiny Charm, Riches Charm) where users are requested to pay a fee for the spot in the link Messages promoting or announcing assets listed to be sold, being it in the GTL, in the Trade Corner at the forum or any other platform. Messages requesting donation of assets 2. What do we not consider Channel Trading? Price check, donations and free offer for link for Charms. Anything that is considered a gift does not need to be announced in the Trade Chat, but it must respect the rule against Spam, waiting 5 minutes between the announcement messages. 3. How to avoid unnecessary sanctions for Channel Trading We understand that not everyone will be aware of the existence of the Trade Chat, which is why for the first offense of each player, Staff will simply move them to the correct chat as a warning. If the warning is disrespected, the player will receive further punishments according to our policy. We highly recommend always making sure you are in the correct chat before sending a message (e.g. using the command /trade before sending a trade announcement) and to not try to avoid any of our filters. You will still be caught and punished doing so. Remember that if you believe you were wrongly punished, you must make your appeal on https://support.pokemmo.com in Appeals > Mute Appeal. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the Senior Game Masters (SGMs) in our support or through a direct message here in the forum. Huge thanks to @Bearminatorand @Teddifor the enormous help from them!
  9. Esta guía es una explicación sobre lo que es considerado Channel Trading (O intercambio en canal) de acuerdo a nuestro código de conducta: (https://pokemmo.com/code_of_conduct/) y cómo puedes respetar las reglas del chat para evitar una sanción. 1. ¿Qué consideramos como Channel Trading? Cualquier mensaje que implique un comercio de activos (pokémon, ítems) o servicios (entrenamiento de EVs, servicios de crianza) fuera del chat de intercambio. La siguiente lista menciona algunas cosas que podrían no ser claras pero que también son consideradas Channel Trading, por lo que deben ser anunciadas en el chat de intercambio. Anuncios de futuras subastas dirigidas por jugadores. La subasta debe tomar lugar en un lugar no concurrido para que la gente que tome parte se pueda comunicar durante la misma, usando el chat Normal y el de Gritar, pero el anuncio de la subasta debe ser en el chat de intercambio. Sorteos/Rifas donde los usuarios participantes deban pagar para participar. Promoción de link de amuletos (Riqueza, Variocolor. y afines) donde se requiere a los usuarios pagar para entrar en el link. Mnesajes promocionando o anunciando activos que están en venta en el Servidor de comercio, en el Trade Corner en el foro o en cualquier otra plataforma. (Venta indirecta) Mensajes solicitando activos de forma gratuita. 2. ¿Qué no consideramos como Channel Trading? Solicitar el valor de un activo, donaciones y ofertas gratuitas para entrar en links para amuletos. Cualquier cosa considerada como regalo no necesita ser anunciada en el chat de intercambio, pero debe respetar las reglas acordes al Spam, teniendo que esperar 5 minutos entre mensajes de anuncio. 3. ¿Cómo evitar sanciones innecesarias por cometer Channel Trading? Entendemos que no todo el mundo es consciente de la existencia del chat de intercambio, por lo que, cuando una persona comete una sanción por primera vez, el staff simplemente moverá al usuario al chat correcto como advertencia. Si la advertencia no se respeta, el usuario recibirá sanciones progresivas de acuerdo a nuestra política. Recomendamos abiertamente estar seguros de que los usuarios están en el chat correcto antes de enviar un mensaje (como usar el comando /trade antes de enviar un mensaje de intercambio) y no intentar evitar ninguno de nuestros filtros, ya que serán igualmente descubiertos y sancionados de igual forma. Recuerda que si crees que has sido sancionado injustamente, debes hacer tu apelación en https://support.pokemmo.com/ en Apelaciones > Apelación de Silencio/Mute. Si tienes alguna pregunta, siéntete libre de contactar alguno de nuestros Senior Game Masters (SGMs) en el soporte o mediante un mensaje directo aquí en el foro. Muchos agradecimientos a @Bearminatory a @Teddipor la enorme ayuda recibida!
  10. Hello there, Shoal Salts don't spawn anymore once you pick them, this behavior is intended, hope it helps.
  11. trade a shiny with your ot and trade it back, so you will be able to say that you got an ot one recently
  12. Why are you in Ch. 2 when the best is the Ch. 1 :c Welcome back and enjoy your stay!
  13. Dado que la cuenta lleva baneada más de 6 meses, no hay posibilidad de apelación. Si no has sido informado de lo contrario, puedes crearte otra cuenta para jugar. Since the account has been banned for more than 6 months, there isn't any chance of appealing. If you werent informed about the opposite, you can create a brand new one in order to play.
  14. Hello there, even if it's possible to have an unlimited amount of accounts, you can only have one opened in the same device at the same time, hope this helps!
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