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  1. Pool day with Sacrilegius, everyone is invited (bring your swimsuit).
  2. Create your account from https://pokemmo.eu/account/ Download the game from https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/ and the necessary roms: pokemon fire red, pokemon esmerald, pokemon platinum, pokemon black/white
  3. Render/Image: Shiny kirlia+Hatsune Miku Text: Sacrilegius Size: Donation: (You can just pm me if you don't want to show everyone) Type of Request: Signature+Icon+Userbar Signature Option (if you've chosen signature above): Rectangle OR Misty? (Misty) Note: (think of something nice) This kirlia+female trainer
  4. Name: Sacrilegius Team: [RØSE] (optional) Render: Shiny Kirlia, Shiny Bibarel, Shiny Dratini. With Trainer Female how much is that?
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