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  1. IGN: tMoi Tier (s): Monotype, untiered Discord: moi#4840
  2. its not a glitch, thats how beat up works, and its like that with any status, not just burn
  3. tMoi bench/gen 8 just joining for the laughs
  4. UU: RealDevilLegend Vs ShanQi NU: SweetForU Vs Sejuani LC: Warwitox Vs Kiiritox NU: SweetForU Vs Frags 250k each, void if sub dc etc
  5. SweetforU(40Cr) 3 Huargensy(36Cr) 3 Lunarck(21Cr) 5 Stelian(20Cr) 5kiwikidd(17Cr) 3Cali(15Cr) 4 Umbramol(12Cr) 3Lotus(11Cr) 5ZacM(10Cr) 2Nagahex(9Cr) 5iMat(5Cr) XDJaawax(4Cr) 1 Total: 39 wins
  6. I know, I mean the game they supposed were going to play for best nu. I saw tawla saying he didn't agree to play so idk if its going to happen anyway
  7. @[email protected] we still betting on tawla sejuani (in case that game is played)
  8. Qwilfish n' Chips' (0) Vs Triple City (0) Dubs: Xebec Vs Mislandier OU: Stelian Vs Queest (xjoseee, nagax) The Evil Devilbats (0) Vs Mienfoo Fighters (0) OU: Juanchoqui Vs Lunarck (sebat) OU: Juanchoqui Vs Lunarck (sebat) The Mismagicians (0) Vs The Primal Primeapes (0) NU: Sejuani Vs Tawla (xjoseee, nagax) 500k each
  9. This. I don't like this metagame, and other ppl I've talked with feel the same (tho I would like to see more inputs). Its way too restrictive, mostly because of the pory twins. I thought bringing back pz to uu was a shitty idea and I still think so, its such a menace for balance teams if they don't run an specific answer, and there are barely of those, Offensive builds don't really struggle that much against pz bcuz of its poor bulk but I think this meta doesn't favour offense at all, in good part thanks to p2. Now, I don't believe porygon2 is this monster that switchs, survives and beats everything, but no one can negate how hard it can be for offense to deal with it. Against pretty much every offensive build it will find a turn to get into the field and it will immediatly threaten all the team, and its very hard to force it out too. I mean, If I have to run a 120+ base atk with a boosting item in every team to scare p2 out, that just shows how strong it is. Basically, while its not impossible to deal with p2 and pz, I believe they have to go for the good of the tier.
  10. has banning dugtrio from nu been considered? its ridiculous how many mons it can just trap and kill with ease
  11. tMoi Venezuela not dubs moi#4840 hopefully we won't lose any game by dc :^)
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