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  1. Nice 👍, I think you proved me wrong on their profitability if what you're claiming is true. Again, if you want to stop bots or automated scripts from abusing the GTL, wouldn't you want to advocate for a better system that either detects or prevents bots rather than opposing this QoL feature/suggestion? I think warning new players before they make pricing mistakes would be easiest and the best option for the game. Players would either have to grind for their money or exchange real life currency for RP Vouchers instead of relying on other players' mistakes. Additionally, you could just advocate for more GTL bot detection/prevention, I don't think you actually oppose this feature/suggestion, you just want GTL bots to disappear from PokeMMO. I'm not sure what this has to do with the discussion. If you're saying that GTL Sniping is good for the game, I think that getting rid of GTL sniping would make less players quit (when they make a pricing mistake) and would make less people/bots rely on others' GTL pricing mistakes/ignorance to make money. Therefore, in both situations players have more potential to spend money on the game in the future.
  2. This is true; however, in my opinion the QoL improvement this feature gives to regular players would outweigh the negatives of benefiting GTL Bots/Scripters. Also, people don't really make that much money from sniping colored items right? The max you could make is like less than 400k each? because otherwise you can just buy the dye and change the color yourself. Additionally, I think your suggestion of limiting/reducing the activity time on the PC is good in order to discourage botting, but wouldn't it be better to just limit GTL sniping in the first place to limit the amount of wealth bots make from careless/ignorant players? I think a warning system that warns a player when they're about to sell an item way below market value would benefit players (especially new ones) and punish bots/scripters. It would be similar to how the game warns you if you're about to flee from a shiny Pokémon. If you dislike the idea of removing GTL sniping, it would mainly be applied to the "Item Listings" portion of the market. You would still be able to snipe Pokémon Listings and profit in that way. LMK 🔥
  3. Hello ~ Here is a list of general chat suggestions/critiques I have put together in order of most importance to least importance, based on my experience and the feedback I've heard from other players. 1. Tabs should be able to be separated by languages, not just by Displayed Chat Types. - Separating tabs by language allows the staff to moderate the chat more effectively, prevents players from sending messages in the wrong language, and generally organizes the chat for players who read more than one language while playing PokeMMO. I can't even tell you how many times I or someone else has accidentally typed in the wrong language on accident when responding to someone. It would be especially useful for separating Trade Chats in different languages. E.g. 2. Allow for emotes and/or preset messages. - Many PokeMMO players want to communicate across languages; however, because the cost of machine translation services is too high, it's not feasible to just have a translator built into PokeMMO. PokeMMO could copy other MMOs like club penguin (lol) that used preset messages to automatically translate basic words/phrases that are commonly used. For an English-speaking player/person with English ROMs, they would send "Hello!", but a Spanish-speaking player would receive ~"¡Hola!". E.g. "Hello!", "Trade your ____ for my ____?", "Battle?", etc... - Additionally, emotes could convey simple expressions to other players regardless of language and could support a better chatting experience. (doesn't need to be as complex as this) 3. Add muted words/phrases. E.g. “Johto tomorrow” “Swarm?” “Any Pheno?” - While players have access to Chat Sound Notification Options to ping them whenever a word or phrase is typed in chat, the opposite would also be useful in my opinion. Being able to mute certain words or phrases so that whenever someone types them the message is blocked/ignored can be useful for repeated/annoying messages in chat. 4. Add the option to see when friends/teammates come online and offline. - Being able have the option to disable or enable "Player has reconnected.", "Player is now online.", and "Player is now offline." would be a helpful quality of life fix for chat. Potentially, you could allow it to be enabled for certain players and have it disabled for other players, whichever is easiest to implement. 5. Block players from typing obviously mutable slurs in chat. - How is this not a thing yet XD? Players can type the n word/ f slur / etc.. without being automatically muted or at least censored currently. Automatically muting and censoring them would help the chat mods not have to waste their time muting these people. Did I miss anything? or Does anyone else have any feedback/suggestions related to the chat in PokeMMO? Comment it below ❤️ TY
  4. From my testing/playing, the Feebas tile will reset at xx:04. It resets every 45 real life minutes so it will reset every 3 in-game hours. For example: 00:04, 03:04, 06:04. 09:04... let me know if I answered your question👍
  5. is it a reference to Faker? haha looks fun 👍
  6. ~Busy catching bugs... 🐛🐜 (Try this spot for yourself ^.^)
  7. I think it's in the grass closest to the entrance.
  8. Sheer force + life orb causes there to be no life orb recoil. It's an odd quirk but it's in the original games as well. *Edit: Only with moves like Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, etc... where there are secondary effects. Drain punch is not affected by sheer force but ThunderPunch is because of its chance to paralyze.
  9. Is it possible to obtain a Secret Shiny Shedinja? or does this method of encountering never result in a secret shiny? Can only single encounter Pokémon in grass/water/fishing result in a secret shiny?
  10. Is this what you're referencing? It's probably best to just wait and test in game once the servers are up to see which pokemon get hidden abilities.
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