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    Hello, it is illegal to have accounts and play on different mobile devices but the same phone line?
  2. I guess you say that dugtrio by the threads of sand veil as a strategy of rng asking that it be prohibited but the hypocrisy here is so high that they are not interested in that, since dugtrio is not a problem with sand veil so do not be guided by those threads, they kept making fun of you saying that you are talking about something meaningless, your biggest problem now is dugtrio + sand trap is like arguing with religious, you will never win xD #ban sand trap #ban sand veil #ban dugtrio #ban ,ban and more ban
  3. The same thing happens to me... this game was no longer what it was before
  4. @gbwead is right the problem they have is with dugtrio + sand trap at all levels does the same, To me this does not matter to me neither use dugtrio nor takes away my sleep but if you are going to discuss something do it well
  5. Well I see that they are very entangled in the dugtrio discussion, some want to ban from the uu, others of the whole level but they do not realize that that does not lead anywhere the problem they have from what I see is with dugtrio + sand trap I am sure that if dugtrio did not have the ability of sand trap I would not be arguing about it then first analyze what the problem is and then discuss it I am one of those who have no problem with dugtrio their ability seems ok very good, it is well thought out, you can make a good team with it but it does not affect me in the slightest, every time in pvp I get a dugtrio I laugh even in NU has not been a nuisance for me, now it is true that UU looks dangerous I do not mess with that tier but I think it is normal to be the tier of the center there ends all the shit and is the most difficult to level
  6. I have two questions 1-On mobile I can not hide the interface, I can crop the image 2- can I use game effects? That is to say I can not edit the image but the effects of the game if they are legal or not
  7. None of that yet but now you can interact with emojis on the forum ?
  8. Hello, the reward points have had an increase in their value in the immense gtl and there are less and less, how do you think this affects the value of the limited? And the reward points will return to their previous price, will they stay the same or will they go up? 8m the golden tiger mask twice as much as a golden dragon cost when it came out at last year's lunar new year event! ?
  9. danhred


    Kyu is very bored?
  10. danhred


    Why the crab emoji? ????
  11. I think ,ok is a fucked up skill but hey, shit is everywhere
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