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  1. Just wanted to add some reasonings behind my decisions and who I voted for. Going to start off by saying I do not dislike any of the players who signed up as manager and if I did not include you do not take it personally. I tried to be as neutral as I could while voting on subjective matters so hopefully I wasn't too biased. My reasonings are put below in spoilers for anyone who is curious. I'll try to be as transparent as possible with my decisions as I can be for the duration of this PSL. Some of you may dislike me for them but hey at least you know.
  2. Pick me. I will leak the pointless drama from the idiots who don't understand how the rules work instead of leaving the community confused by decisions just for everything to be leaked 1 week later anyway. Also there isn't an issue with having multiple people in the same team in small council since I don't even know who any of the active people in NORE are
  3. When Doc has RMTd his money away and has to win a bidding war to get unbanned, tempting...
  4. The problem here isn't win rate and never has been. This is a game, it is supposed to be enjoyable. It is in your best interest for more people to enjoy playing this game. Not only is it incredibly frustrating to play against when they do work but when they don't work you often don't even know the opponent has them equipped, so you don't even feel good when you beat the creatures using these items and only feel bad when you lose to them. Supporting interactive, unintuitive and quite frankly cheap aspects of the game is bad game design, they don't add anything to the game other than being an annoyance and It should be in your best interests to remove them too. If I was to play a game where I roll a dice and I win if the number lands between 1-4, am I having fun? is it a good game? Do I feel good or more skilled when I win the dice roll? This can't be a serious argument, surely. Also how do you possibly gauge the significance of the impact that enabling sand veil has on Garchomp?
  5. [RmW] Red Mark Warriors (0) Vs [NORE] NoRematch (10) OU: XxWhiteDemonXx vs pablobacas OU: XGoldenFreezaX vs NikhilR UU: ErosG vs UmbraMol UU: Rigoox vs QuinnW NU: Edwinssss vs xLuneth NU: AmpiBuFF vs LifeStyle Dubs: LokilD vs DocPBC Dubs: OliverAtomFC vs iJulianFNT LC: Busso vs Lotus SM-OU: vLucho vs tMoi 1m on all NORE players (can go lower) void if sub/activity Any amount up to 10m on NORE winning (Void if tie)
  6. Free win this week for NORE I guess Did RmW get their spot in this tournament through make a wish? idgi =^_^= uwu
  7. my favourite anime character is that little sister from that one show who is unusually close to her brother despite the fact that she may or may not be blood related
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