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  1. Ah, could've fooled me. They got all the important quotes down perfectly and most of the English was perfect. Everyone I know who's watched it absolutely loved it. I don't love it as much but I definitely enjoyed watching it and pretty much liked everything about it. It's absolutely worth a watch! It's really good, and I know a lot of people with it in their top 10
  2. Oh yeah I forgot to mention Nagisa's dad, well, her family in general, but Mr Furukawa is such a great human being, father and husband. He's gotta be the funniest character
  3. You're the one who gave me the game so I thought you had it already lol And yeah, I agree with the character work, they stay a little stagnant at first so they can flesh out and solidify the characters but then watching them learn and grow and go through life is amazing. And the art style adds SO MUCH to the storytelling and characters, and both the English and Japanese dubs nail that. And it's official, this thread made me device to replay the game. it's such a long game though
  4. Ooh I love shows and movies like that! It's why Gravity Falls is my favorite show, every time you rewatch it, you understand or notice things you haven't the times before. It gets better every rewatch because each rewatch adds more to your experience because there's so much that only makes sense the second or third or fourth or fifth time! Thank you for the recommendation, I'll definitely watch it! It sounds like a good show Same! Even though I don't know why I keep watching it. It's like I want to be emotionally destroyed and scarred for life. But it's also my favorite so I try to watch it every two or three years
  5. CLANNAD and CLANNAD:AS are two of my top favorite anime! And the visual novel game for it is one of the best ones I've ever played!!!!!! @GodofKawaiiloves it too As for favorite characters, I love different characters for different reasons, and their dynamic with each other. Too much to talk about what I love about the show/game because I love the hell out of it. If I did have to pick a favorite character thought, it'd be Nagisa. There's no way you can dislike that adorable amazing person, she's so great! My second favorite character is a tie between Tomoya and Ushio. Tomoya because his story is the realest thing ever, full of ups and downs and bigger ups and bigger downs, and the way he reacts to things and everything he does seems so human. He reacted to his dad and other parts of his high school life the same way a teenager would, and then adult him goes through his pain the way a lot of people would, and then he manages to see the light in his life again. As for Ushio, what's not to love about her? She's such a good kid, despite her life circumstances, and I guess I can't say more without it being a spoiler. But like I said, it's hard to pick a character as a favorite because they're all such strongly built characters and great people and friends, as well as being incredibly unique. And finally, I was joking about all of that, NONE of those are my favorite characters, it's the absolute top tier god Botan! Botan best boy. Ever. Period. God, I wanna rewatch or replay it now. Fuko is amazing, I was debating adding Fuko to my list but my rant already got super long lmao As for AIR, I've never given it a shot, just that I vaguely heard about it somewhere, but I can't remember. What's it about?
  6. I will give PokeMMO all my money to bring LC back
  7. Ash literally rides one in the anime, apparently it can regulate the temperature of the flames so someone it trusts can sit on it (I think a pokedex entry said that somewhere)
  8. They technically made a workaround by making RP tradeable, lol Though I do wish it came with other QOL improvements, like you know, it acting like an exp share
  9. This is honestly less of a normal QOL improvement and more like a necessity, tbh. I hope it happens soon! Also, to add to the discussion: a lot of vanities had colors added to the retroactively. Once upon a time, taking Bows and Capes as an example, they'd all be called "Bow" or "Cape" no matter what the color was, but now they have the color in parentheses after that. So I feel like colors are different identifiers than the item itself. So it should be very possible to implement this suggestion
  10. I'm guessing the MAXIMUM possible amount would be around 8 billion people Just kidding, but server caps and player counts aren't something people know, outside of high level staff whose jobs involve knowing those facts
  11. Like can you get a shiny encounter? Or are they shiny-locked?
  12. I know of Arena Trap, flame body, illuminate, intimidate, keen eye, suction cups, pickup and synchronize, but what about the others? Is there a list anywhere? Does Compoundeyes work?
  13. Now that the OT* thing is obsolete (as long as you have the Pokemon you're breeding in your OT Dex), I think trading entire boxes of starters, for example, would be cool, and easier. A whole new business!
  14. A simple suggestion: a "Copy Name" option when you right click a player or their name in chat. It would make some things easier like making sure you're mailing the right person, or pinging people in global/channel chat to ask them questions or answer their questions. A simple QOL improvement that'd make life a little easier!
  15. Okay that is genuinely amazing, you're amazing. Great work!!!!!!!!! Now: Take over the world!
  16. Loving these updates. Piplup will take over the world! They didn't attack, they were kinda used as sacrifices from what I see. I'd say it's fair to have a few sacrifices in PokeMMO since you're limited by level caps and NPC difficulty.
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