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  1. Today I found this friend, one of my favorite pokemons ♥ ( some people say that it is the ugliest shiny in the game, because of its constant encounter ) IGN: Crueldad
  2. If I'm not mistaken in the vanity suggestion thread there is the recommendation, I leave the link
  3. •Name : Fire wings • Item Slot: back • Image of Item: • Reference or inspiration:
  4. I revive the thread to say that the event is more than I expected xd gg devs
  5. I understand your point, but I don't think so xd, remember that pokemmo is maintained thanks to these prices, also that for tastes there are colors sometimes I see ugly things XD but you just don't buy them and that's it, whoever thinks they deserve it will buy it like the UFO
  6. Dude, do you think this could be done? If this comes to fruition, this will be me:
  7. when you have the rockstar and you put on ''angry or calm'' it goes away, It's weird xd I just come to recommend to see if this could be fixed
  8. many times I have thought that, I have found many friends here and they always leave, I still hope that with this event or if they put jhoto layers they will come back honestly, at least that's what I hope from jhoto, I wouldn't add anything new, but I do want to return, I hope good times♥
  9. •vanity information Name: labor of love brush •information : This item is non-tradeable added on ''xxxx'' suggested by user Crueldad obtaining method : This cosmetic is to reward or recognize all users who lovingly contribute to pokemmo with their mods or themes ( The brush has many colors, symbolizing the hard work the artist did to achieve it) ♥labor of love ♥ Item Slot: • back Image of Item:
  10. The only thing I hope for from the event is that several friends who stopped playing in 2020 come back (#offtopic look at this tremendous drift friend)
  11. at some point the gtl filter will allow you to filter the super rare shinys ? *
  12. Hello friend, welcome to the pokemmo community ♥ •What are the teams? The teams are basically places where you can meet with a group of people for endless purposes, play competitively, hunt shinys or simply find friends •What functions do they perform in the game? the teams do not have a specific function / important one outside of what was mentioned above the teams follow the path that the leader or owner decides to give them ( but more important than that I think you have to know what path you want to take as a player ) The best advice I can give you is: have fun, look for a team where you can find good friends, enjoy every moment and above all don't be toxic with anyone As time goes by, you have past pokemon leagues, I would recommend looking for a more specific team or if you want to stay in the same one, good luck I wish you the best of luck friend
  13. Little by little I have applied everything that I have been told and recommended, I am happy to say that it has improved many aspects of my team, thank you all very much ♥ I hope that whoever needs the topic like me, get the best they can from here to help their team
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