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  1. pm me the price of your stacks! Discord : thatboydavid#1905 IGN : DavidzRR
  2. Would be pretty ridiculous if that happened to anyone . getting banned for helping a friend kinda negates the whole point of MMO
  3. Free Jgaw ! this is completly idiotic and this ban should have never happened . just another sad example of how the stuff tries to protect IDIOTS who don't look at the price before they buy something and then run crying . a seller should be allowed to sell at whatever cost he sees fit , if the price is bad then the seller would lose listing fee for nothing . that's what you have listing fees for don't ya ?? so stop banning people who sell in the price they believe in and instead ban snipers who buy stuff in 1 milisecond like they are the flash and then cry about it because they werent careful . this is just a horrible way to handle a situation . Bro all of Sify will fight for you to be unbanned , you are out brother and we know you as a person and we know you would never scam and in fact you are the first person to help others ! this is so unjustified and should be fixed ASAP . a tip for the staff : don't get involved in a free market . if people are dumb enough to not look at the price of what they buy then it's their fault and they should be punished for it by losing on money . banning people for that is just idiotic.
  4. Sorry but WHAT ?? so basically your point is to encourage snipers who already take a risk by buying items\pokemon at the speed of light . if there is a certain item which is valued way over it's market price then it would rot in gtl until it runs out . by banning the seller you're basically just trying to protect snipers who should be careful with their money when they buy , especially at the speed that the buy items\pokemons . people should not buy items in 1 milisecond and instead take a minute to value and see if the item\pokemon is worth it . i my self experienced once selling an item for 100$ each and it was worth 1k$ each . it sold as soon as i clicked sell now and it was my fault for listing it that low but yet again it was MY FAULT . so instead of banning the Sellers maybe you need to leave the FREE MARKET , FREE ? doesn't matter which side you gonna ban it would make everything worse . people need to be careful for how much they sell and how much they buy . it's like going to the super market , if the customer sees an item that is way overprices then nobody would buy it and that would make Sellers more smart about how they price stuff . This ban is the most ridicilous thing i have ever seen in a game .
  5. Hey dude great guide , thanks for mentioning my breeding guide , i hope it can help alot of people ! :)
  6. Literally the BEST suggestion i have ever seen for a vanity , really liked it !!
  7. Totally reliable and great service , finished my request in literally 1-2 hour\s . I love it !
  8. Hey thanks alot i'm really glad that you liked it ! :)
  9. Welcome to the best breeding guide ! Note : the guide might be glitch and will show you the rest of the details once you click the furthest spoiler , this guide shows how to breed all the way up to 6x31 ! Hey there ! in this guide i'm gonna teach you how to breed the Comp mon of your dreams in an easy way ! First of all before i teach you how to breed i will explain to you the basics of breeding ! Ok so i'm gonna start with explaining what each Breeding Item does and how it works ! Breeding Items Ok so now we have established what each daycare item can do ! Now i will teach you how to use it correctly and after that we will get into breeding with Nature :) Making a 2x31 Breeding 3x31 4x31 breeding ! Making a 5x31 Making a 6x31 How do i make it Natured ? Egg Moves Regular IVS chart If you are wondering how much this could cost you , check this breeding costs by Matoka ! Special thanks to : Xythony for helping me with some of the charts that you see ! Author : DavidzRR
  10. 100% agreed , a much needed feature for alot of people !
  11. can you please update this theme ? my fav theme so far but i cant spectate at battles because i cant see their names ! also if theres another problem like anyone else have mentioned , would love to see it get fixed .
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