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  1. Guess what still isn't in the game?
  2. Lmaoooo, still not added almost a year later. This game gets zero good updates.
  3. It's been the same content for years. Once you spend 1-2 day(s) beating every region's Gyms and breed a good team and shiny hunt for a little, it's boring as Hell. We need significant new content or something.
  4. And look. Still not a feature despite interest. No doubt... But this still got put in the game:
  5. Imagine releasing an event and clearly not testing it properly before public release. I'm about to make a whole voice recording of this and go ape sh-t.
  6. So, some bullsh-t with 7 votes gets coded in, but not something actually useful that many more people voted on, even when the higher-voted thread was started way later too??? Even moreso, if people weren't prepared with a correct ball to capture or breed their Pokemon with, screw 'em...that's how the game is (or was now smh). And besides that joke, Hydreigon loses Draco Meteor? c'mon, guys. Jesus Christ. Stop ruining the game by changing Pokemon that naturally can learn sh-t. For those who want to HEAR my thoughts on this BS, here's a crispy 1-min MP3 of me telling my friend about this update: Click here (especially staff)
  7. Overthinking it. Just change the egg icon to look different for the timer or something. It would be obvious that it's a timer anyway.
  8. Hovering over the egg, make it a drag-able transparent box to place anywhere you want, etc. Any way you want it, we just need it, haha.
  9. Why isn't this a thing yet? Obviously, account for Flame Body when used.
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