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  1. Hello 🙂 LF a dark void smeargle. Pm me if you have it! Ty.
  2. Noted! Will fix the chart in the following hours ? Ty for your input. * Ah, shoot. Was excited for milo ? * Agreed. Still believe that the fixation on the taunt-t-wave defensive gyara will rule still. * That's were I cannot quite agree with you. Taunt would really nerf both slowing and slowbro, however, once you have figured it out what ability its running it could be too late. lol. so the bluff battles and the mind games will be real. So there's a strong point for the regen bros. Nevertheless, magic guard is too strong for reuni, and the game is too fast paced for us to set up and recycle reuni, unless we are running some kind of doubles-stall. Specs/life orb could be actually good. * Yeah, but it wishes to run 2 hidden powers. lol. but yeah. * No question. It will uprise to UUBL at the very least. Craw is way to strong. Some call him (me), the new weavile. Please elaborate how Craw could be used in doubles. * And riolu (w/ coaching), and liepard, but I don't know to what extent. * I believe that empo will not be as relevant because of defiant. Roost, icy wind/beam, scald seem to be mandatory on the support set (roar, toxic, protect, stealth rocks, grass knot, some hidden power). Probably it could have a nice use on a full offensive set. * Wolfey flashbacks. Yup. I didn't include it right away because crobat and shao are waaaay to prominent. However it has a way better match up against the ghosts unlike hitmontop. * People are excited for the speed boost, tho. I believe the same can be applied to darm-zen mode. * I mean, goth has access too fake out and other damaging moves - unlike wobbuffet- and it can be really punishing as a lead or late game in dobs with the right partner despite the 3 turn clause. * Its coming. Brace yourself.
  3. Noted! Will fix the chart in the following hours ? Ty for your input. * I speculated that Xatu could be a surprising pivot (in every tier) because it has access to both u-turn and teleport. And its move pool is not half bad. The flying weakness tho and the fact that except for the defense stat, Espeon is superior. * I can see the leafstorm spam being viable. The following Pokemon come to mind for checking serp: Crobat, rotom H, rotom M, sala, ferro. Everything else gets nuked with ease. "+6 252 SpA Serperior Leaf Storm vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Crobat: 91-108 (56.8 - 67.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO" "+6 252 SpA Serperior Leaf Storm vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Salamence: 91-108 (53.5 - 63.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO" "+6 252 SpA Serperior Leaf Storm vs. 252 HP / 200+ SpD Ferrothorn: 52-62 (28.7 - 34.2%) -- 99.6% chance to 4HKO after Leftovers recovery" at plus +6 with only 252 hp, it KOs both rooms lol. *Oh shoot. Missed that (analytic -porygons). Will be included. * I believe as well that the inner focus overall will take their counterpart abilities asap in OU. I mean the crobat inclusion might shift the use of the sub most common users: volcarona, breloom, chandelure. "252 Atk Crobat Brave Bird vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Chandelure: 88-105 (65.1 - 77.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery" "252 Atk Crobat Brave Bird vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Volcarona: 152-180 (79.1 - 93.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO" (the off-chance that is the bulky volc 252hp, 252def). * I thought that sableye would be very impactful because it has the priority wisp for scizor, it hard checks conk with prankster recovery, and t-tars pursuit's is not super effective. "252+ Atk Choice Band Tyranitar Pursuit (40 BP) vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Sableye: 51-60 (32.4 - 38.2%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after sandstorm damage" (so switching will be - 68ish% I believe). pivoting however: "252+ Atk Choice Band Technician Scizor Bullet Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Sableye: 73-87 (46.4 - 55.4%) -- 67.6% chance to 2HKO". And that's a big issue. *Will add Murkrow and its gimmicks. OMG I FORGOT PRANKSTER RIOLU!!!!!!
  4. I thought this would be useful! Please note that there is a color legend (that with your feedback, hopefully, will be enriched with other tiers). There will be a Spanish translation for every ability in the table. (Pensé que esto sería de gran ayuda. Por favor, tengan en cuenta que hay una leyenda de colores que con su ayuda se expandirá también a las demás tiers. Hay una traducción en español para cada habilidad en la tabla). Hidden abilities (habilidades ocultas) Blue: OU + DBS Green: OU Lightish brown: DBS Ubers or will not be added for competitive play The Pokemon that are highlighted with the respective colors will be, in my opinion, the ones that will have the most impact on the metagame. (Los pokemones que están resaltados con los colores respectivos serán, en mi opinión, los que tendrán el mayor impacto en el meta actual). Cheers ? *Thanks to @OrangeManiac and @DiosSlurpuff for their feedback. Moxie (Autoestima) Regenerator (regeneración) Technician (Experto) Prankster (bromista) Magic bounce (espejo mágico) Moldbreaker (rompemoldes) Salamence Amoonguss Breloom Sableye Espeon Excadrill Heracross Tangrowth Roserade Liepard Xatu Druddigon Pinsir Slowking Riolu Gyarados Slowbro Murkrow Honchkrow Reuniclus Alomomola Analytic (cálculo final) Rough skin (Piel tosca) Sheer force (fuerza bruta) Magic guard (muro mágico) Iron Fist (puño férreo) Multiscale (compensación) Magnezone Garchomp Nidoking Alakazam Infernape Dragonite Starmie Nidoqueen Conkeldurr Porygon-Z Feraligatr Hitmonchan Porygon2 Tauros Hariyama Kingler Rampardos Thick Fat (sebo) Drought (sequía) Drizzle (llovizna) Rain dish (cura lluvia) Chlorophyll (clorofila) Adaptability (adaptable) Mamoswine Ninetales Politoad Tentacruel Venusaur Crawdaunt Lightning rod (pararrayos) Sap Sipper (herbívoro) Harvest (cosecha) Unburden (liviano) Speed boost (impulso) Contrary (respondón) Raichu Azumarill Exeggutor Sceptile Blaziken Serperior Pachirisu Miltank Hitmonlee Moody (veleta) Shadowtag (sombra trampa) Frisk (cacheo) Poison Heal (antídoto) Infiltrator (allanamiento) Unaware (ignorante) Glalie Gothitelle Dusclops Gliscor Chandelure Clefable Smeargle Crobat Quagsire Solar Power (poder solar) Skill link (encadenado) Reckless (audaz) Friend guard (compiescolta) Gluttony (gula) Defiant (competitivo) Charizard Ambipom Staraptor Clefairy Snorlax Braviary Cinccino Rhyperior Empoleon Water Absorb (absorbe agua) No guard (indefenso) Inner focus (foco interno) Zen mode (modo daruma) Guts (agallas) Scrappy (intrépido) Seismitoad Golurk Kangashkan Darmanitan Luxray Exploud Lanturn Stoutland Cacturne Clear body (cuerpo puro) Storm drain (colector) Intimidate (intimidación) Imposter (impostor) Klinklang Cradily Scrafty Ditto
  5. The sad part is that, if they don't come through, we cannot do a thing about it. And I second Paul's post.
  6. Hi! Can you supplement the list with all the most optimal spots for ev training but that give you the least EXP? That would be fantastic. Ty ?
  7. hello!! do you have any news on the hour of the event?
  8. I totally second Caiox's opinion. All depends upon the language. There are some really decent Spanish-speaking channels. But a channel I absolute love is Roidedewok. He sadly doesn't upload anymore, but since the meta game (OU) has remained the same for the past ten years - *cough cough* - you can still find valuable information.
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