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  1. Ign: Maxduci Country: Venezuela Tiers: OU and UU Fluff: Go venecos, go !!
  2. This is a really good idea, we must support it~
  3. This has not been discussed before? and if so, why discuss it again? it's better to leave things as they are
  4. This is too cool, it certainly catches anyone's attention
  5. The only boss that stays after an event is over is the Halloween event, however it lasts only a few days. But my question would be the following: what else do u want to get out of the event and wasn't tow weeks of event enough?
  6. Please note that the event ends on July 7th / 8th. And i vote like others that the next alpha would be Psyduck. And so far for me the alphas would be Psyduck > Eevee > Lapras > Snorlax > Dratini but i didn't notice Chansey.
  7. I do believe in the theory that u could get the other alphas initials in future events
  8. It's okay, please keep me informed ?
  9. Will u update the themes again after the last two missing updates?
  10. Hola amigo, recuerde hacer una traducción en inglés aparte de la español, ya que es una de las reglas del foro~ Te recomiendo ir a https://support.pokemmo.eu/login/ y crear un ticket en lo que trata tu problema y ahí te ayudarán con gusto, suerte~ Hello friend, remember to make a translation in English apart from Spanish, since it is one of the rules of the forum~ I recommend you to go https://support.pokemmo.eu/login/ and create a ticket about your problem and they will gladly help you there, good luck~
  11. Hola amigo, siempre recuerde poner una traducción en inglés aparte de la español es una de las reglas del foro~ Para salir de esas región debes hablar con tu mamá del juego para que ella te devuelva a la región principal ya mencionada que es teselia. Hello friend, always remenber to put an English translation apart from Spanish is one of the rules of the forum~ To leave those region you must talk to your mother about the game so that she returns you to the main region, she already mentioned that it is Unova.
  12. I feel like i should say something coherent but it's good that Spiritom and Azumarill have gone up to UU~
  13. Write me better for PokeMMO, my Ing is Baeex
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