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  1. After not winning last month, Dindra came back with vengeance to take this month's metronome! https://challonge.com/y2uaepwg
  2. small art dump full colored noah full colored joker full colored ploegy hanako doodle halloween kiriko doodle percival doodle
  3. Congrats to our winners! Big turnout today!
  4. don't mind me making more art for my own pleasure
  5. October's winner i Powerdrib! We still cannot find his clefairy though https://challonge.com/9vm2jw4x
  6. Date: Saturday, October 8th Time: 7 pm UTC | 3 pm EDT Location: All Regions. Meeting in Vermillion Ch4 + Optic VC Duration: Approximately 1 hour. 12 rounds (bonus rounds possible) Event Details: Host will draw pokemon in a livestream on VC. These drawing may either be poorly done or have actual attempt put into them (you'll just have to wait and see on it) Players will have to catch the drawn pokemon (after figuring out what it is) and submit it to the co-host to earn points Drawn pokemon will all be catchable within the game Rules: Must be in VC to participate. Speaking is not necessary, but you must be able to see the stream Only three players will receive points per round. Each round will be worth 3 points In case of a tie, the host will have another round as a tiebreaker. Whoever catches first will be the winner. In the event of a 3+ way tie, players will earn points based on how many are tied (ex: 3 players have tied, first to catch earns 3, second earns 2, third earns 1) Pokemon must be the players OT and caught within the time period of the event. Leveling up Pokemon is not allowed All Members of the Optic Discord are welcome to join Most importantly, have fun! 1st Place Prize 6 mil (subject to change based on donations) 2nd Place Prize 4 mil (subject to change based on donations) 3rd Place Prize 3.5 mil (subject to change based on donations) Host Ploegy Co-Host Mehagony Donations
  7. been awhile since i've doodled my own character so here she is bonus
  8. the art grind don't stop. two versions of miss melly uwu
  9. another lil order done also decided to stylize the sketches i did and bring these
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