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  1. So hey I guess most of must not have known me but I would be happy to be giving my introduction(saw this forum quite late sorry) I started my Pokemmo in 2014 and since then i have known since then at that time this game was quite different and Sinnoh was not there I left the game after 1 month as didn't know how to play it. I started the game again at January 2020 and been playing it since then At between took 2 big gaps in my gaming time I have played totally 500 hours including my both characters and I am still not even good in this game so i am always looking advice from pro Want to Mingle with everyone and become friends with them So do I have to write more about me hope not because I am not a good writer Hope you like it and pls be sure to help me with any kind of advice
  2. Ok so I am returning again to pokemmo after a long time and wanted to know is there any updates or changes in the game from 15 April onwards. Also can I continue from my same account or I have to make a different account.
  3. Hey guys after half a year I am returning to my previous account. WISH ME GOOD LUCK
  4. umm guys how did u all have such a good graphics pls tell me
  5. It would be a great method for fast buying but there are still several problems 1) what would happen if you don't have enough money to buy all of that 2)what would happen if the item was cancelled from the listing of the owner 3)Wouldn't it take time for mods to do this thing even if you don't really need it Plus the option of giving the listing some type of mark so that you can buy it later maybe is much more necessary according to me well lets see what other mods thought of this
  6. Then You can use soak but as it would take turns you can use will o wisp in place on toxic and fire spin is the main move not toxic
  7. If u notice when you go from hoenn to other regions through port city slateport u have to go through chatot . Therefore the hoenn chatot also needs some justice too.
  8. If someone had already catches rayquaza you cant catch them but you can fight the owner of them to get the Rayquaza is on the top floor of sky pillar.
  9. Use some 2-3 turns move to break sturdy like fire spin or some moves like ice beam or toxic which can give to skarmory a status problem which would help to defeat it
  10. Sure he will get his building done as soon as Jhoto comes :)
  11. Thanks to all of you for the suggestions i will surely watch that channel @Mxd
  12. Thank you I just decided to start pvp but for that i have to breed and for that i must know which tier i would choose to do the tournaments. So taking the data i have to make 3 teams 1)For OU 2)For UU 3)For NU Thank u very much again
  13. Recently I was checking the pvp tiers list made by @Tyrone and i understand the uber , OU , UU but what are borderline 1 , borderline 2 and NU [i saw NU in a event]
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