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  1. I have a great feeling about tomorrow. :">
  2. Looking forward for the 20th anniversary.
  3. @awkwayslmao Tested, still works dw. ?
  4. did y'all like the tease ? XD
  5. Hello good people, if anyone has all the info/screenshots of movesets of every Pokemon available in the event (Including evolved form) let's drop it here and help each other form a strategy.
  6. Bit late but my rng is back ig ? Was looking for Clefairy. Still SRIF.
  7. Another thread to be deleted. *sigh
  8. How about a Johto release event.
  9. Would love to see someone create a thread for the pvp vanities.
  10. 2022 Christmas vanity leaked & confirmed.
  11. Just my own personal suggestion. It says seasonal so I'm guessing this mount vanity will be back next year?
  12. This is supposed to be a team event and was mistakenly posted in this thread if any mod sees this please kindly remove this thread, thank you.
  13. Wish they can't see public messages too, like global, normal, channel chats, etc.
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