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  1. I love this new halloween event, catching ghosts with my friends is my new passion.
  2. There is no way to hide online from your friends, but you can use the "/dnd" command to play in do not disturb mode if you don't want someone to whisper to you.
  3. 6 hours for the npc and 18 hours for the gym leaders
  4. Con el recuerda movimientos o por movimiento huevo al criar
  5. adding other data about RGB colors, maybe they were only reference for the colors of the objects in the hand in each image.
  6. you can get it in the suggestion box in the vanity thread
  7. After updating the game on my mobile and playing a few minutes, i got a message that said "my app isn't supported" or something like that, when i tried to login again it told me that I'm banned, I have seen that it has happened to several players and I hope you can help us with this error. ----- Después de actualizar el juego en mi móvil y jugar unos minutos, recibí un mensaje que decía "mi aplicación no es compatible" o algo así, cuando intenté iniciar sesión nuevamente me dijo que estaba baneado, he visto que le ha pasado a varios jugadores y espero que puedan ayudarnos con este error.
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