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  1. by the way.to be honest, I don't think many people will vote for you. Most of the people who are active in the forum are old players. They benefit from vanity. They won't allow others to touch their cake. I hate what the guy just said. work hard for what u want. work in gym and E4 every day to get pokeyen, about 0.3m/h? It's just like the capitalists advise you to work hard for them, let you become a money printing machine, and lay a good foundation for their vanity sale. u are playing games for entertainment and Pokemon. I can understand that you spend your time in shiny hunting, but now you are wasting your time in the game for vanity, something you are not interested in, and making money like a machine. If you really want these things, it's better to go to McDonald's to be a waiter and earn more money (your monthly income through the purchase of RP, u can get hundreds of millions of pokeyen)
  2. It is undeniable that vanity has changed our original intention. Now no one will envy you because of your shiny, even the starter. We joined the game for Pokemon, but gave up Pokemon for vanity. It's ridiculous. I can understand what you mean. u want to restrict the value of vanity so that the focus of market trading can return to shiny. By the way, for the sake of fairness, if this proposal is implemented, the probability can be reduced to 1 / 30,000. XD
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