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  1. In the unlikely event you didn't know, because I myself didn't know for the longest time, you can turn off your Pokemon's shiny particles to slightly decrease the time between encounters.
  2. Is it safe to assume you got these shinies over a longer period of time than today?
  3. His account was created in December 2020 according to the forum. In about 2 years it seems he has dedicated about 246 full days to this game. I'm not trying to hate or anything but please remember this is just a game.
  4. Can I ask how much you play? One day I got bored and mathed out how long it would take to get 28 single encounters shinies at odds and it came out to something like 3 full months of gametime for this single hunt...
  5. I'm always creeped out when I see your forum avatar.
  6. Oh boy I can't wait to do the same elfbot dungeon for several hours at a time to try and get a cartoony vanity that I'll never wear. Woo Christmas "Event"....
  7. Bro...there's a whole a** thread...
  8. Yeah, considering they can be up to level 55 I would just use Galv and not have to worry about it.
  9. I don't think there's any world where a Teddiursa with Hyper Voice can OHKO Mantine hordes 100% of the time, considering they can get up to level 50 or so IIRC. My easy solution to that is an Elecroweb Compoundeyes Galvantula that I use for my gym reruns.
  10. You must really want to taunt caioxlive into asking about when you're going to implement Gen 9 PvP again huh...
  11. I've got a 5x0 wild caught Jigglypuff. It's my pride and joy.
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