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  1. BartekDolar Preferred Tiers: Ou Lc, Uu Lc, NU lc Dubs Lc. Competitive accolades : twice #1 in lc Officials and many Times in final. Discord contact:Bartholomew#9919 Fluff: I have 2 boxes of great Lc comps, i was practicing alot. Preferred Potential Manager: YettoDie, Cali
  2. QUEEST VS YEYOXD, tier Lc. 1m on Queest Ign:BartekDolar
  3. Hi all, please make Lc Officials alive. I dont know why they were banned and i m waiting for good explanation, because saying that "there were no people in lc" isn t a true. Anyway, 16 spots tour would easy be filled and i hope u introduce Lc tours again. Thanks, $
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