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  1. IGN: DrTylerGrey Time Zone: GMT+1 Discord: DrTylerGrey#7776 Tiers: NU/UU Fluff: Kaynine says im cute
  2. I think Cinccino isnt a pain for NU, there are plenty of mons able to stop it same just like Poseidon here, adding to the list people is able to use Aggron, Probopass any rocky helmet user would even give a lot of damage to Cinccino on a 5 hit Tail Slap. Could be a hell of a good late sweeper if the player playing against it chokes losing the things that handle it.
  3. DrTylerGrey


    Mucho exito en lo que te propongas Tear! Tkm suerte
  4. IGN: Larosoa Country: Spain Tiers: Dubs, UU, NU Discord: lHanns.Pizarrol#3518
  5. IGN: DrTylerGrey Country: Spain Discord: DrTylerGrey#7776 Tiers: UU/NU
  6. Much love for this event and the players who outdid themselves with these amazing designs!! Can't wait to participate
  7. Team Name: Fiesta Registered Players: Queest, Stelian, DrTylerGrey, PoseidonWrath, Halott. Sub: Asphodelusia (Puede que se cambie)
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