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  1. Oh sorry! 🥺 👉👈 He said rest of asia is where they always been considering his country is australia, ah yes one man army 🦘🥊
  2. IGN: LunaDarkrose Country/Region: USA Tiers: NU/LC/Randbats Discord tag: Puwpybuns#6422 Personal note: Planning on doing little art stuff to represent country/region flag with people's ingame characters, hit me up in dms if you want a little something for a cheap price. :] IGN: xGula Country/Region: Rest of Asia Tiers: OU/UU/NU/LC Discord tag: Lone&TamedWolf#5842 Personal note: Posting this for Kupokun since a certain someone banned him from forums for reasons unknown so did him the favor so he can have fun with others. 🙂
  3. As a dark mode user for discord, this is wonderful ?️??️
  4. Purrfect Karma IGN: LunaDarkrose Did you know that people harm cat (pokemon) during halloween thinking they're either bad spirits or just do it for the fun of it to see them tortured? Rumor has it that the souls of those pokemon are sometimes given another chance to live thanks to Giratina in exchange for practicing their beliefs of chaos and distortion to remind the humans of their existence. While they cannot be revived to their exact form, they are given a special type of evolution that makes them more feral and viscous like the Purugly and Glameow in the picture. Aka they're more dangerous than you set them out to be when you disregard them and call them ugly and bad... totally not speaking out of bias for the pokemon on how much I like them and illustrating violence as a threat to make people appreciate them more :sweat :
  5. IGN: LunaDarkrose Art Credit: Me LMAOOOO The world can sometimes feel like a playground, where you can conquer whatever comes your way. Other days, however, feel like a recipe for a purrfect catastrophe to be served up to you. Whenever these days come up, however, there's a good chance that a solution will emerge. It doesn't matter what the day holds -- chaos and screaming, a lazy day to lay in the soft grass with your companion, or anything else -- how you make the day will determine how it impacts your steps in the future. One particular trainer and her partner in crime will soon have the opportunity to learn this lesson. We begin our day at quite a late hour in the afternoon; the sun is already setting westward, illuminating the sky softly with orange and pink splashes. Quite high up in the sinnonian trees, the starly and pachirisu are nestled up in their respective nests, awaiting the night to fall upon them. It was beautiful scenery for the day to end, but it was really just the beginning for the pair. On Fullmoon Island, trainers were honing their skills in combat with their pokemons. In front of them, Kit was seated with her easel set up in front of her, painting supplies at her fingertips. Just beside her, Purugly was also setting up. The trainers gave Kit a few pokedollars before she wrote in her notepad specific orders. These orders were actually requests for artwork they wanted completed. As opposed to most other artist shops, Kit's was more intriguing to customers. She and her partner were challenged by people there. As she states, She may not be the best trainer at Pokemon combat, but she will guarantee a fully finished piece of artwork showing their pokemon in battle before it's complete, or they get their money back double. Seeing her partner causes others to laugh, thinking they can get free money with this, mocking the slogan presented to them. They think teasing them and mocking them will belittle them and hamper their work ethic, however it actually stimulates it. In an effort to quell her anger from being mocked before her customers begin fighting, Kit reaches into her bag and selects a blue scarf patterned with stripes of a different color. Taking care to wrap it around her pokemons' neck, she ties it firmly but not to the point where it chokes the Pokemon. To be certain, she feels gentle vibrations of their purring, confirming it's not too tight on them. Since that has been taken care of, it is time for the battle and the art to begin. The battle gets underway as soon as the two pokemon emerge from their trainer's pokeball. In the distance to one side, a dunsparce stood fluttering its wings while shaking its tail. The Dragonair stood on the other end, displaying its impressive size by lifting its long body upwards. There were occasional flashes of lights on the spectators' phones around the dragon pokemon to capture its beauty and elegance. It's pink-hued scales glistened as an ever-changing light pattern penetrated. Kit and Purugly glanced at each other while they prepared to draw, and both trainers smiled. Their attention was back on their pokemon when they saw they were ready and continued with the battle. In a moment of momentary awe of the other pokemon, Kit prepared a sketch of a scene that included some of the pokemon. A slight irritability filled her as she wiped eraser streaks across her sketches, only to sketch them quickly again. There is nothing so irritating about the drawing process as having to make something look like the best thing you've ever made, nearly as if Arceus ascended from the heavens to bless your creation with its divine radiance, especially when working on a timer. As soon as Kit's sketch was finished, she slid the easel toward Purugly to give it a final touch. A soft blue aura- that glowed around their neck- shone from their scarf as they dipped their claws in the paint cups. Within seconds, Purugly began to use Fury Swipes on the canvas as it accelerated from one speed to another. While wild purugly claws tear into canvases, Kit's Purugly claws have been groomed so that the paint slides off of her claws and onto the canvas, much like a paintbrush. While Purugly’s fury swipes are swirling all over the canvas, she begins to color in and paint Kit’s sketch lines. After a few minutes pass, when the battle is only halfway over, Purugly sits to the side to rest for a moment and shows Kit that their side is done. Before examining the painting, Kit pets Purugly in a thank you gesture and nods pleasantly to see it had been completed. Afterwards, they watched the other pair practice. Following the battle, the painting was ready to give to the trainer, which was conducted afterwards. Kit and Purugly continued to work on their paintings as the evening slipped into the night with more trainers in the group practicing their battles. After a while, the sun slowly reemerged in the sky once more, signaling it was finally time to head back. They eventually boarded the ferry and headed back to Canalave. As soon as they returned home safely, they parted ways to their respective destinations. Kit and Purugly headed to the pokemon center to stock up on supplies. The day is just getting started for everyone else, but a few more orders before heading to bed shouldn't be too exhausting, Kit thought. As Kit was passing over her Purugly to the attending nurses for their daily check up, making sure she was doing well, she went to purchase some supplies. As much as she appreciates their help, Kit makes sure she takes her to her check-ups as often as possible to make sure she's not in any danger. A male approached Kit from behind, tapping her shoulder to get her attention as she waited for her pokemon. Seeing the male, Kit turned around to face him. "Are you the girl with the cat that makes speedy art, right?" Curious, the male crossed their arms, looking down at Kit. His reply was met with Kit's nod of agreement. She eagerly rummaged through her quite cluttered bag looking for a piece of paper to present to the male. "I am," she replied, "are you looking for me to order something?" Kit pondered. "If so sir, I can provide you with a paper with illustrations and quotes that you can look at!" In order to find a customer without having to camp out in the buildings to persuade an interested individual to come and purchase artwork was a blessing. It relieved the stress of hassling interested individuals and posing a risk of them getting annoyed. Despite Kit's relief, her bliss faded as fast as a pokémon teleport on a bad day when the male laughed in her face, shaking his head, and stepping away, gazing up at the ceiling. "Listen girlie, I only came to see if someone like you actually existed or if what my friend said was a load of bouffalant.." he paused to look at her again, seeing Nurse Joy return with Kits pokemon which resulted in him laughing even harder than before. “I can't believe it...that's your pokemon that helps you?!?! Oh Arceus, I'm dreaming, this can't be real.” As Kit collected her pokemon from Nurse Joy, she thanked her for her services before returning her attention to the male. "I'm sorry ... Yes, this is the friend and business partner which helps me with my orders. Sometimes we have other pokemon help us out when a project is too large, but this is my main partner." She squeezed into Purugly clasping her close, talking to him. "What's the matter with that?" "First and foremost," the guy scoffed, "you're working a job that will get you nowhere until you figure out a means to con working people with actual jobs. Especially with variables like that...thing in your arms. That makes people want to try whatever you're offering, then hooks them in for the scam while you're swimming around in free money with that lethargic cat." While speaking, he kept a disgusted expression on his face and gestured to Kit's purugly. "Why have that when you can have an attractive feline that looks more like my charming prince of a genius.. let me show you." A luxury ball, adorned with a star seal, was unclipped from the males belt. The pokeball opened as an espeon emerged from it, with stars of various colors swirling around it before disappearing. They purred and stared at Kit and Purugly before sitting by their trainers' feet. His pokemon and fighting abilities surpass those of yours. Your silly little game here, which you're playing, should be enough for them to beat you two as well. "Oh, girlie, the male picks up his espeon from the ground, cradling it in his arms and looking at a wall as they speak, "let's play this game so we can end your con artistry.". A customer would be nice, no? Then come meet us by the canal - I have an appointment with someone. The extra money we earn will certainly contribute to some future pokemon contests in Hearthome than this swanna chase." As he turned and walked out of the building, Purugly hissed at the male in a loud tone. Kit petted them, sighing. According to kit's reaction, this was not the first time they had to deal with an individual like this. Despite the rather rude interaction she occasionally receives, it drives her and her partner to keep on doing their line of work to throw it back into their face once they succeed. As frustrating as that was to swallow in without blowing up, now’s not the time to dawdle on it, Kit thought. She goes over and orders two Chesto Berry Espressos, drinking hers and helping her Pokemon drink it while they exit the building. Having all their supplies and a little boost to get them a little more energized, they are now ready to prove this person wrong. As they approached the canals where the ferries rested, a crowd gathered around the area and a few cameras were set up. Observing the crowd quietly Kit wondered what the "appointment" of this guy was. Her curiosity during that time eventually led her to ask a random bystander for an explanation. They pointed to the male from a distance, saying he will be interviewed as part of a special broadcast highlighting the contestants' upcoming skills. The male is talking to some reporters, showing off his Espeon. He thanks the individual for giving him the opportunity to get up to speed on everything before confronting the male through the crowd. The male sees her, plastering a fake smile upon his face, pulling her close into a side hug, having her pokemon jump out of her arms. "Ah yes, my friend! Greetings! Don't you and your round friend look wonderful today! Came to see the recording of my match being recorded today? Or is it something else?" He obviously knew why she came, but apparently didn't want to say in front of the cameras. "I came about the art that you.." Kit wasn't able to finish her sentence before the male cut her off, finishing the sentence "commissioned you for if you finish before I complete my match? Ah yes, yes! I completely remember that! Let us go shall we? Make sure you get my Espeon on their good side." The espeon walks around purugly, waving its tail around in a melodic manner, causing some hearts to wave around, Kit notices this, and moves her purugly away before it could get infatuated with the sly psychic type trying to sabotage their ability to focus. The male gets ready for his match, while the pair moves far away from him to get set. There was doubt already put on them, and being sabotaged was the last thing that they could ask for in their very moment to prove themselves. It just had to be perfectly executed Once everything was set, and the scarf was set on purugly, the battle began and the pair went to work making the art. The psychic type pokemon was presenting all their moves in an elegant fashion, but they were nowhere near as fast as how purugly was going with the repeated swift attack with the paint canisters over and over again to paint out the shape of their pokemon. Before the male can even present their final move for the cameras to see, Kit tapped them on the shoulder showing them the art piece completed, capturing the attention of the crowd. The male stood there dumbfounded. How in the distortion world this girl with her pokemon beat such an elegant pokemon like his own?! He was angry, downright upset that he put in his place. Goes to show him not to judge a book by its cover, especially one filled with high willpower and faith in what they love to do to make something pretty and to get their point across. He was about to command the espeon to attack the purugly for making a mockery out of him and his pokemon when the reporters caught on tape, and instantly called over an officer to get him out of here he causes a ruckus with his ill mannered behavior. Unfortunately due to that scene he pulled Kit didn’t get paid, but rather got more recognition in her work alongside her partner for being sincere and hardworking while the male is slowly working to build back his reputation in his contest career. You may face obstacles that discourage you from achieving your dreams by belittling you and pulling you down to their level of clownery. In spite of this, if you remain strong, demonstrate your worth, and be careful about the things you do in the future, you will be in a better position to succeed rather than allow yourself to crumble. When the chaos of their customer and interviewees subsides, Kit and Purugly go home to their bed, screaming their relief that they can finally rest after a day's adventure, exhausted from sugar highs and espressos, preparing for another night of adventures. What a purrfect life they have.
  6. Congratulations to our winners! First Place Incognition Second Place Susume Third Place EdRaket Fourth Place Drakkmord Thankfully it wasn't too many players that came, that would make it suspicious that we're killing blue pokemon... Stay tuned for another color event to test your teambuilding skills, I promise I'll be nicer next time with limitations.
  7. Art Credit Event Description: Don't you just love the blue colored things we have in our world? The water, the sky, and yes even the filthy little blue creatures that exist in our world. Considering there is an overabundance of them, I decided to take it upon my hands to lighten the world's load of them. With careful and planned execution, they will be out of our hairs. To make sure no one catches on about the illegal extermination of these creatures, you will aid me in a secret OU tournament based on them to battle to the death. Details Single Elimination Tournament | Single Battle | 6vs6 Date + Time September 16th, 2021 4pm EST/8pm UTC [Time Zone Converter] Location Lilycove Contest Building, Hoenn, CH3 Clauses Evasion | Sleep | OHKO | Unique Species You may only use a pokemon on your team if they have a blue coloration on their body. Before each battle, you will be asked to dm your team to the host(s) to make sure it follows the special rule. Banned list Aside from pokemon that do not have any blue coloration on its body, these pokemon are also banned from being used: How to enter: This event is open to those existing in the ENIX Discord server, regardless of being a member of the team or just being an ally to us. Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to invite friends who are not on the server so they can join in on the fun as well! You can dm me here on forums or in game (LunaDarkrose) or message me on discord (PuwpyBunCreations#6422) and I'll give you an invite to give to them to cutely join. Registration opens 12 hours before the event starts, so please reach out to me to state you would like to participate with one of the methods stated above. Rewards Surprise , surprise, Scaling Rewards are back! Just in case you may have no idea what I am talking about, this is how the rewards will roll. For each [ENIX] team member + Friend of Phoenix present, the total prize pool will increase by 50k First Prize winners will take home 70% of this total. Second Prize winners will take home 20% of this total. Third Prize winners will take home 10% of this total. More Participants Means Bigger Prizes! Starting prize pool will be at 200k! Host LunaDarkrose @Bunnaiii
  8. Event Description: Greetings traveller, glad to see you made it here safely! You have been selected by the Neo Enix Research Department to come and assist with gathering information for us to further our studies with future projects. Whether it be surveying the land across the various regions in our world as well as the creatures that inhabit it, collecting records of the quantities of necessary supplies housed in the many buildings specialized for it, analyzing and testing the fighting styles of pokemon in combat as well as their capability in battle, or anything else that comes to mind, we would like you all to help us to the best of your abilities. You will be generously rewarded for your efforts in assisting us in our research, so what's there to lose? Task: Take a screenshot of something you are researching for the Neo Enix Research Department, and write a summary about how it went, writing in the perspective of working for the group in MMO. Time for Submission From 8th September 11:59AM to 6th October at 11:59PM UTC Click here to use the time converter. Announcement of Winners 16th October (Saturday) Judges: Spooky Enixian Customer Service Lucid Dreamer Judging Notes: The value of vanities/other items that's used in your entry will not grant bonus points nor deduct points. We are mostly looking for creative entries that stand out with effort put into them. Prizes: There will be a prize pool with three different prizes, for three winners respectfully. First place will have first pick of the prize, Second will be able to pick next, and Third will take what's left. You are free to send donations to one of the judges if you would like to add to the prize pool so we can have more winning participants. You don’t have to participate to donate, much like it is not mandatory to donate in order to participate. Here is the current pool so far: Rules: Spanish Translation: Thank you Susume for for helping me translate!
  9. (This is not a entry but a question that's got me wondering) Why do I feel like everyone who was writing their entries feel like spongebob with their essay:
  10. Woah that @Bunnaiii person did a nice job with the art, I gotta comm them someday o///o
  11. So after some fun and chaos, and crying over a lost shiny in the safari zone (im so sorry again) Here's our winners for the rounds, as well as the funny doodles i did! Round one goes to @Complutum, who caught one insanely fast ? https://gyazo.com/2ea286cba3912681d91ca63264210106 Round two goes to @ImTheWalrusHere, who cutely caught a nice round friend. https://gyazo.com/2afcc52de7b8015b6457872499113acc Round three goes to @Curseman, who had to witness a unfortunate bamboozle in the safari zone (Im sorry walrus ? ) https://gyazo.com/09fbb1b66c4e633dcef9670595019b0c Round four goes to @Complutum, who is going to get banned from this event for how quick they're getting these mons and somehow using some dark sorcery to figure out what I am drawing :stressed: https://gyazo.com/e6a0100f25808cf69d680e098b8df987 And round five goes to @Curseman who can say for everyone, ended with a bang (please dont cancel me i wanted to make funny joke) https://gyazo.com/7d1c523ac43618f1679c9587d430200d Thank you to all who came out and joined! I came to figure out ten rounds may be too much to do in one session, considering I cut it in half for now, so expect another fun event like this with shorter rounds possibly soon!
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