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  1. IGN: Complutum Time Zone: UTC +1 Discord: Complutum#6083 Preferred Tiers: Doubles=NU>DDP Fluff: I am @NecasInTrouble homie and bully.
  2. Oh my God I love these two, great job and great players!
  3. Complutum


    It's been a pleasure to constantly berate you into taking art comissions :proud:
  4. Good luck hosting this Tour, I'll try to be there!
  5. IGN: Complutum Country: Spain Discord: Complutum#6083 Tiers: NU/Doubles Fluff:
  6. You've open up my eyes
  7. I'll take it for the funzies, I believe in my boi Pedro 😚
  8. This is pretty cool, would you be down to make another post like this covering Meowth and Munchlax?
  9. Thanks for hosting another edition of this! IGN: Complutum
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