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  1. Several locations don't exist or are greatly changed from gen 3's Kanto (Cinnabar Island and Lavender Tower come to mind) , and having to re-write every scenario to match what was in FireRed Kanto is a stupid amount of work for no reason whatsoever. And time travelling between Past and Future Kanto isn't confusing. Nearly everyone has played these games before. We all know Gold and Silver take place two years after red and blue. And that's beside the fact that it's an MMO linking a bunch of games whose stories are loosely associated with each other in the first place. None of it really has to make sense. Or should we be complaining about how the player has 4 moms?
  2. Most legendaries aren't that OP, but it does seem as though the devs have been reluctant to add them. They want to make the conditions for obtaining them something most players can't achieve through normal means. Dungeons were implied to be the way that they would allow for the non-OP Legendaries to be caught and usable in PVE/PVP, but...it's hard to keep on believing that the dungeons update will ever come to pass.
  3. I still say this is mostly a false sense of security. If Nintendo were to serve Pokemmo a cease and desist order with the threat of legal action, I doubt Pokemmo could defend itself in court. I think the nature of Pokemmo essentially being an emulator does make it a little more complicated, but I do believe that courts would side with Nintendo/GameFreak if they were to assert their copyright. Other Pokemon MMOs are far more egregious in their infringement. They have not been shut down either. My guess is that certain romhacks and games on roblox are just more visible, or were just unlucky After all, not every fangame or romhack gets C&D'd. And what the company is interested in protecting here is their control of the brand. Roblox does brand synergizing and promotions, for instance, so having a Pokemon game on Roblox potentially infringes on Ninendo's right to promote Pokemon on Roblox should they choose to do so. Many romhacks and fangames, on the other hand, advertise themselves as new and definitive versions of their base Pokemon games. Even youtubers and tiktokers with "Poke" in their handles have been served C&Ds. Nobody knows WHY Nintendo hasn't taken down any of these MMOs. It could be that none of these MMOs are on NIntendo's radar and certain romhacks and fangames ended up in their crosshairs by pure happenstance. It's hard to know what they're reasoning is, but I seriously doubt that Pokemmo could defend itself in court if Nintendo decided to litigate. A cease and desist would absolutely spell the end of Pokemmo. EDIT: Regardless of the perceived legality of Pokemmo, I do think the only way for this to work with the model that Pokemmo operates under is to have it require Pokemon X or Y (or allow it to be optional) only for the data on each Pokemon. Then, rely on modders to fill in the graphics for battle and field sprites as was done with gen 5 followers because the gen 6 carts don't provide them. Might be more trouble than it's worth, sadly. I'm sure the dev team wants to stay operating within the model they've been operating in, even if, as I'm certain, it's mostly a false sense of security and not actual legal protection.
  4. I had a thought about that. Like, what if you had a version that replaced the shinies with mega evolutions? Not only could you pull of Charizard X and Y with different genders, but it would make the mega evos special rather than just replacing the base forms. I'll admit, this is a personal preference as I always thought 99.9999% of shiny pokemon to be visually unappealing and I think megas should have some kind of condition on seeing them rather than being standard. Just a thought. Anyway, I'm progressing on making an adapted version that works with gen5 jump sprites. Mostly for myself, but I will share it if I get your permission. Thanks for the mod! ?
  5. Sorting the data that is delivered to the client side through an API is not difficult, can be done server side and doesn't require any advanced technology or "powerful computing system". This would not be difficult to implement.
  6. I've figured out how to adapt this mod to the gen 5 follower mod without having to wait for the devs to do something. I'm working on it now, though I won't share without the mod owner/author's permission of course. ? It's working so far. At first I wanted to cut down the size of the gen 5 follower sprite sheets (and remove all the gen 1-4 spritesheets) since they're twice as big for the up/down animation, but then I realized the locations of the sprites were completely different. So from there it makes sense to just adapt this mod's sprites to the gen5 follower format instead, since this has far fewer mons. I imported the atlas text file from Gen5 to this one to fix the problem with the previous 5 generations' sprites, then started work on adapting gen 6 sheets to that format. EDIT: Included an image to show what I did. As you can see from it, Bunnelby is working along side Charmeleon from the gen5 shiny jump mod (Bunnelby is jumping too). You an also see on the right Lileto is still fucked up because I haven't gotten to him yet.
  7. I haven't had any issues importing it. I suppose I am ignorant of how strings files function, though. I don't see this loose backsprite either. I just installed the zipped X&Y folder.
  8. Seems really awesome, but the clash between this and Gen5 follower sprites makes it a no-go. It should implement Gen5 follower sprites itself, otherwise we're just trading one generation's followers for another.
  9. There are PVE things that need to be added (like the Sinnoh pickup table, the missing features from other regions such as contests--only hoenn has one I think). But from what I can understand PVP has been neglected for a while. It can seem like PVE is ignored, but that was the case for PVP for many years. As much as I like to complain, the dev team is small and can only handle so much. That being said, I would like for the technology to improve to the point where I am able to email a purple nurple to anyone who happens to suggest that dungeons is a thing that is actually happening. No word for years since the devs announced the intent to do so. It's vaporware. Give it up.
  10. Team Rocket was us all along.
  11. I don't yet have such attachments (lucky me?) I could go. My situation is that I'm new enough and early enough in the campaign(s) that I still *like* the game. Compared to all the other attempts at a Pokemon MMO, it's the most solid owing to its clever use of ROMs as its base. But I see the cracks. A lot of what makes them great is BECAUSE they are ROMs of games that I know and love, yet they're incomplete. It fails a little as an MMO, really, and is more of an emulator with a chat window most of the time. And a player to player economy, I guess--something I always regard as a necessary evil instead of a main draw to any game that has it. Other games like this now have more features (including hidden abilities), but lack the polish and presentation that PokeMMO has achieved by basically lifting it wholesale from the base games. The things that make this game good (that it perfectly reproduces the original games, but adds some MMO features) aren't really a priority for the devs it seems? They wanna focus on cosmetics and tweaking an already stale metagame into something static and difficult to enjoy (lack of HAs and Legendaries just means they gotta keep nerfing Garchomp and Hydregion to death because--oops--they're just as good and nothing counters them without those features). I really want to just love this game, but it's hard not to notice the wall paper peeling off in the corner. The devs seem to neither want to lean into its strength as an enhanced MMO-lite edition of the original games, nor add anything to make it stand out from being mostly an emulator. The only talk of new features I see is form posts made YEARS before I joined. The game just feels like it's in limbo. Edit: Other Pokemon MMOs may feel really rough and unfinished (and lacking move animations for the most part), but they at least feel like the devs are hungry for growth, and their games owe their incompleteness to being made essentially from scratch despite having more features of the base games' metagame than Pokemmo does right now, and for better or worse, are designed like actual MMOs. They feel poised to grow whereas Pokemmo does not.
  12. As has already been stated, there are plenty of reasons to add Johto. PVP players once again thinking they're the only players that matter. Well, they're wrong. The whales that buy up limited vanities are the only ones that matter. Content is content. Not everyone shares the philosophy that the campaign side of an MMO is just the gate you have to pass to get through to the "real" game. I dare say most people don't think that, and that this is a source of utter rage-inducing confusion to those that do. I guarantee you almost no one plays a Pokemon game such as that they finish it in six hours. I've got oodles of hours in Pokemmo and I'm still in Kanto. People want Johto because they like Johto. Further, it provides more opportunities for farming runs, more hordes, more trainers and another elite four, SIXTEEN new gym leaders, a potential Endgame Superboss (Red), potentially another minigame with rewards, and yes, six hours of fun if that's what you're into. All of it with rebalanced gameplay and better AI. Playing a region in Pokemmo is a different experience than just playing a ROM, and you know it. If the devs held the philosophy that what the game needed was just to have all the Pokemon, they'd have just stuffed Kanto and Hoenn more full of mons than they already have and left it at that. They certainly realize what having the regions to explore and the single player content means for the player base. PVE and story content are still the backbone of this or any MMO and the initial draw for most players. The sad reality is that we're not getting ANY of it any time soon by the looks of it. The Devs either aren't in a position to give us Hidden Abilities, Dungeons OR JOHTO--or they don't really want to. Either way, it doesn't do us any good to get mad at each other over what kind of content each of us would like to see (I want it all. I WANT IT ALL!--although personally I'd want to see the devs finish the unfinished features of Unova and Sinnoh before looking to any more single player campaign content). Unfortunately, we ain't getting any of it for some time--if at all.
  13. There are only two pokemon in the first three towns in Unova? Ew. I don't remember that being a thing in the base game. What about that pidgeon-y thing? The devs added a whole bunch of Pokemon to the encounter lists for most areas in Kanto at least. But that was back when they appeared to give more of a shit than they do now.
  14. *wheeze* No, but seriously, don't hold your breath.
  15. Woops. Wrong thread. Please delete?
  16. Yeah, this feels like something basic that should already be in there. THIS should be the GTL while the current GTL features should be renamed Global Black Market or something. I mean, selling Pokemon is kind of sinister and something that Team Rocket is depicted as doing (using them as prizes for a casino, which is something the game depict as unequivocally bad).
  17. Yeah, they should fix this. What I want to know is: Was there already code in place for handling Illusion in the original game? Or was the AI so dumb it didn't matter? Because if it exists already and the devs deliberately turned it off then it can be tweaked. If not, then they'd have to write it and now you have a whole new feature from a dev team that, frankly, doesn't seem to be all that into that sort of things these days (you know, developing). It definitely needs to be made to prevent exploit. The AI should only be tricked on the first round. After that, they should know it's true typing and act accordingly.
  18. Seems like they already have de-facto spots. If you want that stuff to be restricted to those areas, I'm gonna say "nope" to that. I like that I can see players battling and trading (and even spectate) everywhere I go. Its one of the things that still makes this game feel alive and special.
  19. So much this. They need to complete the unfinished features of each region. Sinnoh needs its contests, Unova has unfinished locations. These should honestly be the #1 priority for PVE/solo development. There are massive holes in the experience for these regions.
  20. These are pretty much my thoughts. I started this game not too long ago. Played it for hours and hours, just collecting Pokemon and marveling at how fun it was to play Kanto League with modern(er) graphics and other people. I have only four badges, but so many hours of playtime. And when I started, this game seemed SOOOO ambitious. But now I realize that all that ambition apparently dried up years ago and I am playing a zombie shell of what this game was. Without anything to look forward to, there's no life in it. Even though there's a lot of content that could keep me content for long while. games still thrive on that ever-advancing goalpost that defines good software development. Plus, it's hard to feel like investing in a game that might not be here tomorrow, which is what I fear when I don't see anything new coming down the pike. That fear might be overblown, given that they are likely raking in money from Chinese players as you said, but it's the impression I am given when I see a game stagnate for so long. Maybe they won't miss their more demanding players, but I just find it hard to get excited to continue a game that feels so stagnant. MMOs should feel alive and ever-growing. That's part of the appeal.
  21. This. Adding on to what @DoubleJ said, it would provide a point of trade between wealthier players and PvPers. The way I understand it, if there's any interaction or trade at all between them, it's mostly money going to the wealthier players who supply PvPers with what they need to PvP, consolidating wealth among a small few. This would give PvPers something of value that the wealthier players might actually want to spend their wealth on as they likely wouldn't get those items any other way, thus circulating that money in the economy rather than hoarding it. I also think more should be invested in secret bases/hideouts, with new items for those coming from PvP prizes. Player homes are a huge part of any MMO economy, and one of the few things top players and wealthy players spend money on, and bases are this game's built in version of it. Giving unique rewards (that can be TRADED) to PvP players will breathe life into the economy and establish a more balanced system of trade.
  22. This feels like a basic quality of life issue that should be addressed. +1
  23. Dungeons are things that don't exist in this game, but players desperately want to believe that they will.
  24. They don't HAVE to be legitimate. It's not like the game doesn't already use lots of hacked in graphics. There's nothing "legitimate" about any of the cosmetic items or the player character graphics used in the game (or the cosmetic items for that matter). They added gen 5 despite there being no legitimate follower sprites, deferring to the community to provide them instead. Hell, I'm playing a gen 3 game with gen 5 sprites right now. Those definitely aren't "legitimate" and were absolutely hacked in to the older games. Five seconds of google searching brought me this find: https://www.deviantart.com/pikafan2000/favourites/70416144/pokemon-animated-sprites-gen-5-style All the way up to gen 7 with some gen 8s as well. Not saying "the devs should just use these, problem solved", but pointing out that there are possible resources even if it ends up being that the devs just pass the buck to game client modders like what was done with follower sprites. None of this means I think the devs would do it. I would like to see it one day, but as I said before, there are two entire games they could more easily add to the mix (Johto remakes, BW2) and several missing features from current regions that could be and SHOULD be implemented for new content. The only reason this shouldn't happen is because the devs still have plenty of avenues for new content without resorting to that. They also need to ban quick claw and king's rock from PvP, but that seems just about as unlikely to happen any time soon, lol. Edit: My endorsement comes from a place of knowing it's possible to this, but extremely unlikely given the update schedule of these games. I see it all as hypothetical and would be a fun addition. However, it does seem so many people here are viscerally upset about the possibility and that puzzles me. The devs don't even respond to calls to fix legitimate issues. It's okay, guys. Your precious metagame paradigm is safe (for now). Nothing's going to change. Talonflame can't hurt you. Take a nap.
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