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  1. Name: YJos Team Tag: [NoHa] NoHands Order: Animated Sig Colour Scheme (If you want to suggest one): I want the machamp banner just with my name and my team tag and if you can make those arms move great 😄 Tell me how much it is and i'll send it to you :3
  2. Team Name: NoHands Team Tag: [NoHa] Registered Players: zLumiere, Wallarro, zKuroko, YJos, zGrim, ClayClover, iYaseer, zMauri, IHasvik, Shookan, fermie, Rigoox, emiliogarras, SecretPlayerZ, KazzKZ TeamCaptain: zLumiere 😄 Cheerleader: RonGhosty
  3. as the host said it was the 20th igot confused u.u
  4. Las inscripciones para la etapa 1 donde el anfitrión selecciona a 4 jugadores y los invita a participar es hoy, para los demás mortales son 20 uu
  5. IGN: YJos Tiers: All but i hate randoms :c Discord: YJos owo#0023 Pluff: Te me cuidas u.u
  6. Legend has it that... "If you want to challenge the queen of the psychic type pokemon, you must first prove your worth and defeat his SWORD and SHIELD" ING: YJos
  7. IGN: YJos Country: Uruguay u.u Tiers: Dubs, OU, UU, NU Discord: YJos owo#0023
  8. Well, i tried to get them to keep in mind that players who play singles formats aren't the only ones who have trouble challenging a gym leader who plays doubles, but it got out of control, if you want to think that they're at a disadvantage by having to play a "mechanics" different from what they are used to, there is little i can do. Personally, i feel at a disadvantage having to challenge leaders who will hardly choose doubles, who will probably choose OU, NU or UU because they are their master tiers, but i am not complaining about it, i will have to find a way to beat them if i want the prize, that's all.
  9. You are right, they are all individual, but that does not mean that their metagames are the same thing, and that i have to adapt to all of them to be able to challenge an expert in the tier, a team and strategy used in NU will hardly give me results in UU, what same from UU to OU. We all have problems to deal with in order to challenge the players and gym leaders.
  10. I have to play 3 different formats, with different pokemon, different metagames, and different strategies, it's complicated for everyone, but i repeat, that's what it's all about.
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