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  1. Team Name: ParaCarrea Registered Players: Paramore,Tristancoronado,TezRC,Tomaselio, Cmawesome Sub :Javierrrrr
  2. IGN:GabrielAZ Time Zone (UTC format):UTC - 3 Tiers:Dubs Fluff:Furro Dubs UwU
  3. IGN: TomaselioMP Prefered Tiers: Lc ou Discord contact: Tomáselio#9177
  4. IGN: TomaselioMP Country: Argentina Tiers: NU Discord Tag: Tomáselio#9177
  5. Team Name: LOST V2 Registered Player: TomaselioMP,EliasHD,paban,JuniorLH,AARROONN Team Capitan: AARROONN
  6. Team Name: Lost Gods Tag Team: [LÔST] Players: SoumaYukihira, AlgunUsuario, AxelitoMix, Diegoperezzz, Jteipo, Brianentrenador, LeoTSB, MuzanSama, Facursa, marioarcanine, JuniorLH, AARROONN, AlexUre, TomaselioMP, ElUbermensch, facursa Team Captain: LeoTSB
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