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  1. Meanwhile someone else is going on + 6 months of shunting without a shiny xd.
  2. Add stats for the most common pokemon switch ins for pvp. It would record the most common switch in vs a poke e.g if some uses volcarona what mon does the opponent usualy switch to. They could have a percentage for atleast the top 20 switche ins.
  3. The most important thing you need to do is to develop your team identity. -> play to the strengths of your team. E.g you're mostly a chinese - english team so you should target recruiting chat traders i.e people who would value having friends who know both English and Chinese. Then from there you can branch off to recruiting people interested with chinese -english culture lifestyle or whatever it is you value. Ofc youre gonna need people to help you recruit and its always helps to have famous players(streamers staff vanity hoarders) join your team they make excellent walking ads xd You could hold unofficial events (fashion contests would be great for ya ) or joint events with other teams to help your team become popular.
  4. They should allow this after all theres a whole casion with fully functioning slot machines in kanto xd. In fact the whole game is somewhat gamble: -> you wanna shiny hunt ( rolling that 1/30 k dice baby) -> pvp (crits misses scald burns flinches you name it -every time you pvp youre betting you're will be on the right side of chance) These are some of the things that most like about the game so i dont see why they shouldnt add money betting to pvp.
  5. ....the story is so easy someone was able beat the e4 using only piplup xD
  6. There's def some positives to this idea. People can use it to somewhat turn gift mons (from story or friends) into pokes that are more efficient for daily use be it pay-daying, npc rebattles or even pvp without rebreeding. The ability to do this while maintaining OT and obtained date would be quite invaluable for pokemon with sentimental value. The only negative is that such an item could easily crush the breeding market if implemented incorrectly.
  7. Same goes for vanities in the bags (for pc). You have to manually count them to know how many you have.
  8. +Limiting the cap only encourages people to do this more efficiently (->listing items to try and fish for more mis-click purchases ) - A lower cap for bulk listings makes this scam cheaper to do. - The longer the listing remains on gtl the higher the chance for the scam to work. ->Which makes situations like the one below worse.
  9. Please additional collective ranked match making rewards for teams. Like if certain percentage of a team's members reach a specific milestone for matchmaking each points per week every member of the team gets rewarded a non-tradeable items like portions or nuggets. They can have better rewards with increased mm points earned like what happens with the singles variation of this.
  10. a gengar/haunter outfit. - A full body outfit with the top half that looks like gengar and the bottom half looks like haunter. - It would cover the whole body just like the ghost costume does but with the above features.
  11. Pls add a glow lighting effect to the pika tail (yellow pointed tail). Since everything has a triggerable i also ask that the glow is given a trigger animation xd. But im also fine with a glow thats always on or only activates at night or in when in dark places.
  12. Yes lets make it easier to get more money faster. What could possibly go wrong xd.
  13. Theres a string you can use to make buttons bigger for mobile. Its somewhere on the client customization forum it was made by thekingofglory. Try it out it might make your life easier
  14. They are already somewhat random between the highest and the lowest ivs of the parents. What you really want is for them to add an extra dynamic to breeding an element of risk -like making it that you can breed pokes->lose parents->get an egg but with a chance to break the egg/ lose the egg leaving you with nothing. They can make it that breeds with higher ivs have higher chances to give you eggs which will break. And ofc naturally with such a system you would get resistance from breeders who dont want to have a whole box of their eggs break but thats the whole point to make breeding more special by making it more difficult.
  15. They should increase the price for listing more items to make people pay for abusing the system. People list pokeballs for the highest possible listing price on gtl or some random items for days xd -this is clear evidence that people are abusing the system flooding gtl with items that will never be bought so i will support the idea of increasing the listing prices infact they should add more charges to gtl listings. They should add like additional listing cost with accumulate per day a listing isnt bought on gtl. They should make item listing on the gtl as expensive as possible as a deterant to stop people abusing the system xd.
  16. I very much doubt adding incentives would boost the others tiers. Take the example of the Randoms tier -they nerfed the bp percentage to almost half of the other tiers and yet more people still play the tier (more than ou xd). That just goes to show people will play the tiers they love the most in the end regardless of the bps. You could say its the actual gameplay itself that draws people to the tier, hence if you want more people to play nu or lc you gatta make those tiers fun to play and gl with that.
  17. Unfortunatly not everyone who plays pokemmo is on the forums. Besides, the option not to announce your shiny catch could easily account for people who don't want to be bothered.
  18. If you need to be reminded what makes a particular individual special to you then its more than likely that they were never truely your friend.
  19. Events rewards are magically spawned by the staff team. This is completely different from auctions because the whole idea of auctions is that people put items or pokemon for auction and then the auctioneer conducts the auction. If they spawned items for auction then it would be unfair to people who already have the items being auctioned because more of the items are being to be made available which reduces their value.
  20. As much as I would love to know what updates they are making and when they are scheduled to get here I think its better I don't know so that I can't get disappointed when the updates get delayed. Having said that I'm not completely against them giving us this info because I want to them to release torches on the gift shop xd.
  21. H for Hoenn >>>>> all other regions?
  22. I like the idea of official auctions but not the idea of making auction house. There's no real need for an auction house. They can do it anywhere and there are a whole bunch of locations they can use in game already they just need is a staff member to (stand on top of a table ) and start a bidding war. I would prefer official scheduled Auctions and maybe add them to the events calendar with items to be auctioned. Maybe they could replace some of the events with one of these auctions. There's are already a lot of catching events and it wouldn't hurt adding a little variety to the events. The auctions absolutely have to be managed by the staff for fairness and trust issues. Most people don't like handing over mons to strangers even for something like this because scammers exist.
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